Pita Pit® Locations (Franchise Locations in the US, Canada, Worldwide)

Pita Pit Locations

Pita Pit Locations

Pita Pit got its start in Kingston, Canada. It was a single store selling pitas with a Greek twist and a taste that was unrivalled. This caught on quick and before long they had spread across the Great White North. This was back in the mid-1990s, and since then they have continued to spread across all of North America and across many other countries as well.

Today there are more than 500 Pita Pit locations in nearly a dozen countries. This is one of the biggest chains of its type in the world. It is a chain that has been able to latch onto the huge popularity of sandwiches and healthy snacks while offering something different at the same time.

Pita Pit Near Me

If you live in Canada then there is always a good chance of being near a Pita Pit location. The same applies if you live in certain American states. In years to come these will litter the fast food landscape just like Subway and Jimmy John’s, but right now you might have to trek out of town or out of state to find out.

In either case you can use the Pita Pit location finder to discover where your nearest location is. If you live in Canada then you can use this location finder instead.

Which Countries Have Pita Pit Locations?

As well as the United States and the United Kingdom you can find Pita Pit locations in France, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, India, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. There may only be around 500 Pita Pit locations in total, but they have worked hard to ensure that these are spread across many states and countries and this is one of the unique aspects of the Pita Pit chain.

Pita Pit Locations Canada

This is where the Pita Pit brand began and where it has remained the strongest. Due to the ease at which fast food chains succeed in the United States and the fervour that US entrepreneurs have for fast food franchises, there will likely be more Pita Pit locations south of the border very soon. But for now, it’s Canada that dominates. All provinces have at least 1 location and many of them have dozens.

Pita Pit Locations US

Pita Pit locations first began appearing in the US four years after they opened their first store in Canada. These were franchised locations and thanks to the popularity of sandwich chains at the time, they were quick to catch on. They have a headquarters in the state of Idaho, and they have franchised Pita Pit locations to many different states.

In 2010 they had just over 150 Pita Pit locations in the United States. But by 2016/2017 they had passed the half-century mark. At this point in time, there were also hundreds of locations under construction, with many more franchise applications being submitted. This suggests that with another 5 years Pita Pit locations could number over 1,000, which would make them strong enough to rival the likes of Jimmy John’s, Quiznos and many other top sandwich chains.

Pita Pit Fort Collins

Pita Pit Locations

This is one of the most popular eateries in Fort Collins, a big hit on all review sites and one that that has been a success from the outset. This Pita Pit location can be found at 1232 West Elizabeth Street. You only need to look at sites like Yelp to see how much consumers adore the menu on offer here.

Pita Pit Iowa City

There are Pita Pit locations in this city, but not all of them have had easy time of it. Once such location, on 113 Iowa Avenue, seems to have closed as of summer 2017. This may be taken over by another franchisee in what is known as a turn-key operation, but for now, there is no location here.

Why this closed down is anyone’s guess. During its operation it had generated a lot of praise through sites like yelp.com and it seemed to be a big hit with diners in the area. However, these things happen and it’s not always about reviews and revenue. Sometimes it’s just down to bad luck or bad planning and we’ll probably never know what the issue was in this case.

Pita Pit Toledo

Toledo has one of the few Pita Pit locations in the US that is open for 24 hours a day. This can be found on 3819 Haverhill Drive and is one of three Pita Pit locations in this city. The others don’t open for 24 hours but one is open until midnight on most days, while the other closes early at 9pm.

Pita Pit Ann Arbor

This is another Pita Pit location that seems to have closed, even though there were plenty of positive reviews for it online. It was open for a few years and seems to have had a good run, with plenty of praise coming in from all sides. But for whatever reason, this small location eventually closed and there don’t seem to be any plans (that we know of) to replace it just yet. This is worth keeping an eye on though and it’s also a good opportunity for anyone looking for their own Pita Pit franchise.

Pita Pit Fresno

This area is wide open for more Pita Pit franchises. It’s a popular area and one where you can find many fast food franchises, yet there are currently only two Pita Pit locations here. These are evenly spaced, with the most popular being located near the River Park Shopping Center.

Both of these Pita Pit locations are shut by 8:30pm on most days.

Pita Pit Chicago

Chicago is big on sandwiches and other fast food. You can find plenty of fast food chains here that serve up fresh and healthy food. This is one of the biggest cities for the Potbelly chain and you will also find every other major submarine sandwich chain here. Add to that a wealth of middle-eastern and Greek eateries and it’s a wonder that Pita Pit locations were able to thrive here.

But thrive they did and this has been a big location for the chain. If you’re in the Windy City then make sure you grab a slice of this fresh and healthy chain.

Pita Pit Tampa

What better place to enjoy some fresh, light food than in a scorching hot sunshine location like Tampa? This is a perfect fit for the Pita Pit brand, which is why you will find a few locations here and why franchisees are clambering over themselves to open another store here.

Pita Pit Delivery

You can use third-party delivery programs like OrderUp to get your food from Pita Pit delivered. There is a fee of between $3.99 and $5.99 for delivery here and you can choose anything off the Pita Pit menu. Just visit the OrderUp page, punch in your location and then place your order.

This is a huge menu and that delivery fee can actually get you most items on it, so it’s a little on the heavy side. However, if you have a big family or group to feed, or you’re just really hungry, it’s worth it.

Pita Pit Franchise

If you want to join the Pita Pit team by opening your own franchise, then there are a few basics you will need. To help them “Create a fresh alternative to the status quo” you need to have a passion for the brand and for the food they sell; a commitment to working hard; and a lot of money to back up your hard work. You can choose which location you want on their website, with options across the US in prime areas such as Houston and San Antonio, Texas; Hoboken, New Jersey; Des Moines, Iowa; and Kansas City, Kansas.

They will have similar lists available for Pita Pit locations in cities around the world. In all cases Pita Pit will give you the tools and the knowledge you need to succeed, you can use their branding and take advantage of their advertising, and they will always be on hand to help. They want you to succeed as much as you do. That’s the beauty of a franchise, it’s why this model usually works so well at generating profit for everyone involved.

So, wherever you are, just visit the Pita Pit franchise page to find out what you need, where you can establish your restaurant, and how to get started.

You can find Pita Pit locations in all major towns and cities, and they are also expanding into more regional areas to give every Canadian a taste of a brand that is Canadian born and bred.