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Pizza is the world’s favorite food. This simple combination of bread, tomato sauce and cheese has won the hearts of billions of people over the years. In the United States it seems like we have a pizzeria for every citizen, with a chain of pizzerias for every city. One such chain is Pizza Inn, and while it hasn’t quite grown to the size of chains like Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, this is still in the top ten and it has plenty of room in which to grow.

The Pizza Inn name is so common that it has been used on many restaurants and takeout locations over the years. We have heard of this being used everywhere from delis in New Zealand, to pop-up takeaway shops in the United Kingdom. However, in the United States and in several other countries the Pizza Inn trademark belongs to a company that was founded by the Spillman brothers back in 1959.

The very first Pizza Inn location was opened across from a university in the city of Dallas, Texas. It has always been popular for pizzerias and other fast food chains like this to open near colleges and universities, as they were guaranteed a constant stream of customers. This is actually how the likes of Jimmy John’s got started, and it is also thanks to this proximity that the Pizza Inn chain was able to grow.

Pizza Inn Locations

As of 2017 there are over 310 Pizza Inn locations around the world, the bulk of which are in the United States. There are also stores in a dozen countries around the world and there are several new locations added to the chain every single year. This growth is far from big and it is dwarfed by many other leading fast food chains. But this is still a profitable company and one that has performed well for its stockholders.

Pizza Inn on Secret Menus

There is no Pizza Inn secret menu. They just don’t really work with pizza chains and while there are some exceptions to that rule, Pizza Inn is not one of them. If you disagree and think you have found some Pizza Inn secret menu items, then feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

In the mean time there are many other pages on this chain that you can read. These include our Pizza Inn Menu Prices page, which lists the latest menu and all current prices. These are taken from official sources and represent prices from locations across the country and even the world.

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