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Planet Smoothie doesn’t always get a lot of respect. It’s not the biggest and it’s somewhat overshadowed by the ones that are the biggest. But this is still a huge chain and it’s one that has a lot of great smoothies, some great service and some unbeatable prices. Planet Smoothie may not be the biggest, but it is the third biggest and to many, it is also the best. In the highly competitive world of fast food, drinks-on-the-go and quick-service casual dining chains, that’s incredibly impressive for any chain.

Planet Smoothie was founded back in 1995 and it has grown quickly since that time. There are currently only around 100 locations across the United States, but that’s enough to put it in the top three and when you consider that those locations have sprung up in the space of just 20 years after the first location, it’s no mean feat.

So, just why is this chain on Secret Menus? Well, you might be disappointed to know that there is nothing in the way of a Planet Smoothie secret menu. We have some big drinks secret menus on this website, including everything from Starbucks to Jamba Juice. But this chain just doesn’t match those competing chains and as of 2017, there is no suggestion of a current secret menu or a future one.

However, we do have a complete list of all Planet Smoothie Menu Prices and that’s why this chain has been covered on your favorite fast food website. This list can be found on the aforementioned link. It is within a table that our researchers, editors and writers have compiled. They were tasked with sourcing this information from managers, servers and from official menus around the country, and they are also tasked with keeping it updated.

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The menu isn’t the only thing we have on this restaurant. You can also see the Planet Smoothie Nutrition page. Like the menu page, this contains a large table that is updated on a regular basis and is constantly monitored to ensure its accuracy. We have all calories, fat, sugar and more on this page and we also look at everything else that you want to know about the health side of this chain.

So, take a look around and learn more about one of the top three smoothie brands in the United States. There is a lot to learn, a lot to discover, and as usual, all of it can be found here on Secret Menus.