Potbelly® Careers (Hiring, Salary, Application, How Much Do They Pay)

Potbelly Careers

Potbelly Careers

Potbelly careers provide a great way to get involved with the quick-service food industry. You can work hard to climb the ranks and you can get a good rate of pay from the bottom right to the top. This is one of the fastest growing sandwich chains in the United States right now, and it’s also one of the few that has expanded outside of the US.

Potbelly careers offer a wealth of benefits for eager, young, enthusiastic employees. In this guide we will show you just what they are, discussing how and where to send an application; if they are hiring or not; how much they pay at all levels; what you need in order to get employed; and much more.

If you live in a few key states, there’s sure to be some Potbelly jobs available near you. They hire over 7,000 employees and they are always looking for new workers to join those ranks and to takeover where previous employees have left off.

Potbelly Salary: How Much do they Pay?

Potbelly Salary

Most Potbelly jobs pay between $8 and $9.50 an hour. This means they pay somewhat less than In-n-Out Burger, but more than chains like Sonic and Whataburger. You can earn around $9 for working as a delivery driver, cashier and a few other roles, and a little less for working as a cleaner and general crew member.

The exact rates will depend on the location of the store as well as your experience. Of course, you will stand to earn a lot more if you are a manager and a little more if you are a supervisor. These roles pay well in most fast food chains, often averaging around $30,000 a year for supervisors and $50,000 for managers. Again, this will depend on location, experience and responsibility, but you can use it as a general guideline to understand just how far fast food careers can take you.

Are Potbelly Hiring?

Chains like this are nearly always hiring. And the best thing about working for Potbelly is that most of their locations are owned by the company. So, if you get in good with one then you can get in good with another. Give your CV to a manager in one location and you might find that you will be offered a job in another.

These chains have a fairly high staff turnover rate. This is true of all jobs that pay minimum wage or close to minimum wage. It’s also true of many jobs in the food industry. It’s more to do with the fact that they hire young people and people in a transitional period than anything else, but there are a number of factors involved.

They are also a growing chain that hires thousands of employees. So when you add these things together you have a company that is always looking for new employees and will always be willing to hire new staff or to keep new applicants on the backburner.

As with all chains, you can also benefit from the fact that chains look to hire people with experience. They would much rather promote a hard-working server to a supervisor role than to hire someone from the outside, even if the latter has all of the qualifications in the world and the former does not. That’s because they know that person understands the chain; they know that they can trust them to work hard and to deliver.

That sort of trust and understanding is key to all chains, even more so when they are corporate owned like Potbelly is. So, make sure you work hard at the entry level positions and there is no telling how far you can go with this chain.

Potbelly Application

Potbelly Jobs

If you have read all of the above and believe that Potbelly careers are for you, then it’s time to apply. You can submit your CV in person, making a good first impression and ensuring that they know who you are, or you can submit online. There is a good chance of being asked for an interview regardless of what you do. But if you’re confident and self-assured, then it might be better in person.

To start your journey with this chain just visit the official Potbelly Careers page.

Potbelly Corporate

Potbelly locations do not come close to outnumbering the likes of Subway and Jimmy John’s. They are way behind many of their rivals in fact. But they do have a few records and that includes the “Most Corporate Owned Stores”. It’s rare for chains to grow so quickly and so large without a vast number of stores being opened by franchisees, but Potbelly has managed that.

This has allowed them to become a huge player in the industry, with a significant portion of the brand’s success staying within the corporation. And when you consider that they have a revenue of around $400 million a year, that’s certainly a lot of success for them to cling onto.

Potbelly Delivery

You can place an order online with Potbelly and then pick it up or have it delivered. They are one of the few chains to have been offering this service for a number of years. However, it only works if you live within a respectable distance of your nearest store. You can arrange for a pickup regardless of where you live, providing you are willing to travel. But if you want them to deliver then you need to live nearby.

Check with our Potbelly Locations page to learn where the nearest locations are to you and to find more information on this popular sandwich chain.

Potbelly Growth

Potbelly Hiring

The growth of Potbelly has been nothing short of amazing. It began when Bryant Keil purchased the original Potbelly store back in 1996. By that time it had grown into a famous little sandwich shop and one that many would travel miles to see. He was quick to expand the store and play on that success, and before long he decided to open a second store.

The second store was in a similar area not too far from the first. He wanted to play off the respect that the brand had earned in the local area and he was able to do just that. At the time chains like Subway and Quiznos were exploding in size and popularity, and there were chains like Jimmy John’s, Firehouse Subs and Jersey Mike’s that were either new and were preparing to ride the popularity train, or were expanded independent stores just like Potbelly was.

It was the perfect time, and the success that Potbelly had achieved in Illinois meant it was also the perfect place. Within a few years they passed 100 Potbelly locations and had become one of the most recognized and most celebrated sandwich shops in Illinois. They then expanded into other key cities and towns, covering the Mid-West, the West Coast and a few Southern regions.