Potbelly® Locations (US, Worldwide and Near Me Sandwich Works)

Potbelly Locations

There are over 400 Potbelly locations in the United States. This means that they have a fraction of the number of locations owned by some of their biggest rivals. However, this is a brand that is adored nonetheless, and one that has many merits.

Potbelly locations are not just resigned to the United States either. They can be found in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Canada, so while the haven’t quite achieved the same dominance that their competitors have enjoyed, they are still a significant chain in their own right.

Potbelly Locations

Potbelly Locations

The very first Potbelly restaurant officially opened back in 1977. This chain had a strange beginning though. Not only was it initially an antiques store, but for many years it wasn’t even a franchise. It wasn’t until 1997 that Potbelly opened its second location, a good two decades after the first. Yet just a few years after this the chain had expanded into over 300 locations, and it continues to grow to this day.

Potbelly locations have also modernized and become more convenient over the years. They began to expand their menu in 2007 and a few years later they also began to open drive-thrus in many Potbelly locations.

This increase in activity and this surge in success culminated in 2013 when Potbelly was launched on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Its IPO was a big hit, with many seeking to invest in a growing sandwich chain that they predicted would be able to rival the likes of Firehouse Subs, Jersey Mike’s Subs and even Jimmy John’s within a few short years.

Potbelly Near Me

There over over 400 Potbelly locations around the world, with many of these based in the United States. It’s far from the biggest quick-service chain or submarine sandwich chain, but if you live in a handful of key states then there’s a good chance you will live near one or many Potbelly locations. What’s more, Potbelly is growing at a rate of knots. So, if you’re not near one now, then give it time and you will be soon.

To learn where the nearest Potbelly locations are to you, just take a look at the official Potbelly Location Finder. Punch in your address and it will do the rest of the work for you.

States with Potbelly Locations

Potbelly US Locations

There are only a handful of states with Potbelly locations. They share the 400+ or so stores, with more being added to the list all of the time. These states include:

  • New Jersey: A difficult market to tap into because of several local chains and independent stores, Potbelly do have locations here and seem to be doing okay.
  • Texas: There are over 25 Potbelly locations in the Lone Star State and they have done very well here over the years.
  • Indiana: A handful of stores.
  • Maryland: Around a dozen stores.
  • Minnesota: A decent number of locations
  • Michigan: One of their more popular states.
  • Illinois: By far the best state for Potbelly locations, you’ll find a good number here. It was in this state where the chain was founded and where they opened their first and second drive-thru locations. They are also headquartered here.
  • District of Columbia: Around a dozen in total.
  • Virginia: Around a dozen in total.

Potbelly Seattle

There is a Potbelly store near to the Seattle Art Museum, which attracts plenty of tourists and has allowed them to sample a little taste of this chain. You will also find one near to the Sheraton Seattle, which is one of thefts hotels in town, and on First Hill. Needless to say, Potbelly have picked some prime locations for their stores in this city and that has allowed them to increase revenue and get the best return, without littering the Seattle landscape with their stores.

Potbelly Denver

There are a few popular Potbelly locations in the city of Denver, making this the biggest region for the chain in Colorado. You can find one of these in University Hills, with another in Glendale. They tend to open late, often until 9pm.

Potbelly Houston

Texas is a big state for Potbelly and indeed for any food chain. They are big on food, big on flavor and, well, pretty much big on everything. Texans know quality and they are devoted to the chains that they enjoy. That’s why Whataburger has been able to flourish here and it’s a market that Potbelly have also tapped into.

You can find a number of Potbelly locations throughout the city, from one near to the Memorial Park, to two that are located in Downtown Houston. There are stores on their own and stores in retail centers.

Potbelly Chicago

If you are truly passionate about this chain or about great tasting sandwiches, then a visit to a Potbelly Chicago location is a must. As mentioned elsewhere on this page, Illinois is the biggest state for Potbelly locations and for anyone who loves the food they serve. There is just something about this chain that makes it a part of the state and the city. It is connected to Chicago like burger chains are to the Mid-West, like In-n-Out Burger is to the west coast and like big steakhouses are to Texas.

In other words, it’s where the chain began, but it’s also something about the taste, the experience and the ambiance that makes it feel like you’re sitting in a prime Chicago eatery as soon as you step through the doors of any Potbelly location.

Potbelly San Antonio

There is a few very popular Potbelly locations in the city of San Antonio. These can be found at The Rim, the Rivercenter and the Huber Oaks Center. As we have said many times before, San Antonio is a great city for food and for fast food in particular. It has scores of locations from the biggest and best chains. These range from low-cost chicken and burgers, to healthier options like Panera Bread and to sandwiches like Potbelly and Subway.

It’s not a city that is often noted for its culture and its food, but don’t dismiss it as there is a lot to experience here.

Potbelly NYC

If you’re in or near the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building or Midtown, then you can enjoy a taste of Potbelly. Those are just a few of the Potbelly locations that you can find in this city. There are around half a dozen of them in total, which is why NYC is such a key region for the company. Many of these Potbelly locations are closed by 8pm, which is fairly early for the city that never sleeps, but a couple of them open for an extra hour or two.

Best Potbelly Locations

Potbelly Las Vegas

If you’re in London, we would recommend visiting the Potbelly there. It’s one of the best places to grab a sandwich in one of the best cities on earth. There is no shortage of great food in this city. You have the likes of Subway, Pret a Manger and many others, but Potbelly is one of the standout stores.

You will find this location on The Street, Westfield Stratford City. It’s much bigger than may of their US locations and it’s also grand, imposing and beautifully put-together. The locals have labelled it as a great place to grab a “posh sandwich”. If you’re American, it’s a great place to grab a taste of home with some flavors of abroad.

Of course, you should also check the original Potbelly locations in the state of Illinois. This is where it all began and you can still see some of the antiques that were placed in the original store.

Potbelly Locations Outside US

Potbelly Worldwide Locations

We mentioned that there are Potbelly locations outside of the US, but where are these? Well, the first international Potbelly locations to open did so in Dubai. This opened in 2013, and two years later they opened their first European store with a London location.

Canada is usually the first stop for a US chain looking to branch out, but it was an afterthought for Potbelly and their first Canada location didn’t open until 2016, by which time their middle-eastern stores were already several years old.