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This past week, I expanded my sushi tastes with RA Sushi Restaurant and Bar. I must admit there are many types of sushi I had never tasted in the past, such as Nigiri, Maki, Hand Rolls and many other specialties made by those inventive chefs in the RA Sushi kitchen. I can honestly say that I never really considered yellowtail sushi previously, but when seeing many of the options on both the happy hour and secret menus I couldn’t resist the urge to try.


RA Sushi – Oldtown

Secret Menu Items from RA Sushi

I know that Hamachi kama sounds a little undesirable as raw yellowtail, but seafood aficionados understand that this fish is a delicacy awarded for extremely sweet taste and light, savory oils. With only two small pieces of the collar for each fish, it makes it difficult to offer on the regular dinner menu. However, the Ra Sushi chefs at all of the Valley-wide locations keep a secret stock behind the sushi counter. Served sashimi style, this dish is available in minimal quantities and at adjusting market prices depending on availability.


Pineapple Chinese Wontons

This same month, I also had the joy of tasting several pieces of their sushi specialties presented with such a wide variety of tastes. Within the classy and sophisticated dining room of the RA Sushi Restaurant and Bar, there is much to be enjoyed with the broad and delicious menu on hand. I know that in the past I had never taken a step outside of a traditional sushi dining experience, while the special dishes of the Crazy Monkey Roll, Lobster Mango Roll, Scallop Dynamite Roll, “RA” Lollipop, Viva Las Vegas Roll and “RA”CKIN’ Roll. There is much to be said for the unique recipes and sauces for this specialties.


Delicious Umami Punch!

RA Sushi chefs have an incredible knowledge of the human taste, and what all of us can enjoy on different levels. There is such a variety of menu options available throughout all hours of the day, whether it is flavorful, spicy, raw, fried, sautéed or more. I found myself trying one after the other, including vegetable rolls, hand rolls wrapped in a cone-shaped roll, Maki options rolled with rice and seaweed, Nigiri with thin sliced raw fish or seafood on a small rice oval, and spicy Sashimi. I know that as it became harder to make a single decision for what I would like to taste, there were more and more deliveries to my table! And I have to say that absolutely everything was delicious.


Delicious Shiso Naughty!

Chef Specialties for Every Taste

While some of these dishes were slightly too strong for my taste, there is definitely a long enough menu to offer choices to suit everyone’s tastes. With an extremely full happy hour menu with both drinks and special deals on appetizers, snacks and sushi, there is much to be said for an enjoyable and tasty event any evening after work. While there is the happy hour taste to warm up with, there are always the secret menu items to bring out the special skills of the RA Sushi chef. Some chefs keep small stashes of hard-to-find favorites, such as the Hamachi kama, to fill special requests from customers who know what they truly want.


Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch

With the many incredible RA Sushi locations in different areas across the country, there is plenty to be enjoyed with happy hour drinks and menus, as well as lively environment for enjoyable outings with friends. The atmosphere provides incredible night life as well as fun with company of all types. With delicious drink and food specials at all times there is nothing more to worry about than experiencing the friendly atmosphere and exciting taste for a pleasant evening.


Cinnamon Tempura Gelato

Everything for Everyone Everywhere

Whether you find yourself in Houston, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando or others, there is always an expansive menu to fill the tastes of every member of your group. Whether you want spicy, raw, crunchy, salad, or even simple appetizers such as nachos, there is something for everyone. It is nice to know that in such a popular and tasty restaurant, there is no need to only want sushi upon entering their doors.

Viva Las Vegas Roll2

Viva Las Vegas Roll

Make the most of any happy hour or dinner out on the town with the broad selection available for every taste bud in your mouth. With a broad selection of specialty drinks before dinner, all the way through some of the most delicious desserts around, every moment of your meal time at RA Sushi can be delicious, enjoyable, entertaining and more. There will never be a dull second with the expansive selection on all corners of the menu.


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