Red Lobster Locations (Nearest, Jacksonville, Springfield, International)

Red Lobster Locations
There are over 700 Red Lobster locations around the world. This may not sound like a lot and it certainly doesn’t look like a lot when compared to chains like Subway and McDonalds. But when you consider that this is a casual dining chain, one that is not freely franchised and one that operates large restaurants and not small stores, then it looks a little more impressive.

But where are these Red Lobster locations? Which states, cities and towns can you find them in and are there any Red Lobster locations outside of the United States. The purpose of this page is to answer those questions. So, if you need to learn more about this chain; if you’ve read our Red Lobster Menu Prices page and our Red Lobster Nutrition Info page, then read on.

Red Lobster Locations

Red Lobster Locations

The very first location was established nearly half a century ago in Lakeland, Florida. But Red Lobster locations have bene cropping up around the US ever since then. It hasn’t always enjoyed great success and there have been many dismal years for this chain in recent decades. But it has still managed to survive and following a few surprise upturns it has still managed to remain as one of the biggest and the most popular seafood restaurants in the United States.

Not only is it one of the best seafood chains, but it is considered the best for anyone looking for quality lobster. It competes with the likes of Long John Silver’s where seafood is concerned and everyone has their favorites and their opinions. But when it comes to this red spider of the sea then it’s all about Red Lobster.

What Time Does Red Lobster Open?

Red Lobster opens at 11am from Sunday to Sunday. The times change on holidays and they may also change from location to location, but this is one of the most consistent opening times across the board for Red Lobster.

What Time Does Red Lobster Close?

Most Red Lobster locations will be closed by 10pm. This may change on certain holidays though and they also stay open for an hour later on Friday and Saturday.

Is Red Lobster Closing?

Red Lobster Closing

Red Lobster have been through hard times. They were once owned by Darden Restaurants, but they were pressured by investors to sell off the chain, which they did. After they sold the chain they converted all Olive Garden and Red Lobster locations into just Olive Garden Locations. This caused a stir in many Red Lobster fans, but it had no major effect on the brand and its new owners.

In the years that followed the brand continued to decline slightly, but there have been upswings that have helped them significantly. Not too long ago they were mentioned in a Beyonce song. It was random, it was slight and it seemed like nothing. But because of the iconic status of the American singer, it was enough to propel sales up by a third. It also had a knock-on effect that saw Red Lobster grow into more of a premium and sought-after restaurant chain.

That’s the difference between successful chains on the up and chains that are struggling. It only takes a slight change in public opinion for them to go either way. In either case though, a brand like this just seems too strong and too big to suffer and while many small things can hurt sales, it would take something major to force them into bankruptcy.

Where is Red Lobster?

Red Lobster locations are all over the world as we have already discussed. There are more than 700 of them in total and many of these are in the US. As far as the key Red Lobster locations go, we will discuss these shortly, but there are also many of these in Florida.

This state has been a key state for the brand. They were founded in Lakeland, Florida; they have some of their biggest locations in the Sunshine State; and they also have their headquarters in the state.

Where is the Closest Red Lobster?
Closest Red Lobster

With more than 700 locations around the world and with many of these in the United States, it shouldn’t be too hard finding one near you. You can use the Red Lobster locator in order to find the nearest location to you. This will pinpoint the location based on a zip code, letting you know how far you need to drive and giving you an idea of the menu.

Red Lobster Springfield Mo

One of the highest rated restaurants in Springfield, Red Lobster has provided some consistency and some reliability to a city often filled with new restaurants.

Red Lobster Jacksonville Fl

There are four Red Lobster locations in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. These can be everywhere from River City Marketplace to Orange Park. There is also a Red Lobster location in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Red Lobster Camp Creek

The Red Lobster Camp Creek restaurant is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the area and it is also in the Trip Advisor top 10% of all restaurants in Atlanta. For a city so rich in quality cuisines, with a little taste of everything on every street corner, that’s impressive. In fact, there are close to 3,500 restaurants in this state, which shows you just how much of an achievement it is for Red Lobster Camp Creek to rank so highly.

Red Lobster Utah

Rather surprisingly, there are not many Red Lobster locations in the state of Utah. They do exist here though and you can find them in Salt Lake City and St George, as well as a few other locations in the Beehive State.

Red Lobster Orlando Fl

One of the most popular tourist locations in the United States, Orlando is a big hit with big chains and Red Lobster is no exception to that. They have welcomed many tourists to their brand via their Orlando location and they also keep many of the local population well fed.

Red Lobster Times Square

Considered to be the “Best Red Lobster” by many, this is one of the most famous locations. It is the one that has introduced many tourists to the chain and one that has also pleased countless US nationals over the years. There are actually several Red Lobster locations in and around this area, showing just how strong this brand is in those high-traffic areas.

Red Lobster Modesto

What makes Red Lobster Modesto so special? Well, there are around 450 restaurants in this town and Red Lobster is in the top 20. It is one of the most popular chains in the region and one of the most popular restaurants full stop. The locals love it and it is everything that is great about this brand all rolled into one location.

Red Lobster International Locations

There are Red Lobster locations in many countries outside of the United States. These haven’t always enjoyed similar levels of success as the US locations listed above, but they have been successful enough to remain open. You can find these international locations in South and Central America, including Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador. You can also find them in the Middle East, in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and in Asia, in Malaysia and Japan.

One of the surprise places where you will not find any Red Lobster locations is Europe. They just haven’t extended the brand into this continent and there don’t seem to be any intentions to do so in the near future.