Red Robin Coupons (Offers, Deals, Discounts, Birthday Specials)

Red Robin Coupon

Looking for some Red Robin Coupons? This is a great menu, a great chain and one that is growing at a great rate. We have covered them extensively on Secret Menus, and on this page we’ll show you ways that you can secures deals, discounts and freebies at all Red Robin locations in the US and Canada.

Red Robin Coupons

There are a number of Red Robin coupons out there. You can find them on all the usual sites, but the vast majority of them are invalid or outdated. This is usually the case and it is very frustrating as a consumer. It’s out of the hands of the chain, of course. And they don’t really mind. The publicity is still there. The need is still there. And if a few more people need to pay full price, then they’re not going to complain.

Where to Find Red Robin Coupons

Red Robin Coupons

The best way to get Red Robin coupons is to stick with the official sources. Check their social media pages. Check their website. You can also find promotions they have announced in local newspapers. This is especially true for new restaurants, for members of their royalty rewards program (see more details below) for special food holidays, and for certain celebrations and seasons.

You should also check with our Red Robin Happy Hour page. As mentioned on that page, there are two happy hours per day, 5 days a week. On these days you can save 50% on all of their appetizers and you can also grab a beer for just $2. That means you can fill up on alcohol and food for less than $10!

If you combine food holidays, Red Robin coupons and other deals with this happy hour, then you might be able to get one of their burgers or meals for nothing at all. The only thing better than a burger and a beer is a free burger and a free beer.

Best Days for Red Robin Coupons

As a fast food chain that also serves alcohol, Red Robin qualifies for a number of food holidays. They partake in National Cheeseburger Day, alongside many other great burger chains like Five Guys and Burger King. They may also take part in days like National Beer Day and even National Wine Day, not to mention National French Fries Day.

Fast food chains, and any food businesses really, love these holidays. They provide a great excuse to run some free promotions. And because these holidays already get a lot of exposure, it’s practically free publicity. The more that consumers pay attention to them and take part in them, the more chains will offer promotions for them and the more they will be inclined to give.

So, visit those pages, see what’s available and make sure you pay attention when those days roll around. You should also pay a visit to our Food Holidays page to see what else is available.

Red Robin Birthday

As described on our Red Robin Menu Prices page, if you join the Red Robin Royalty program you can get yourself some freebies on your birthday. This scheme will also give you a number of other benefits. They will donate 1% of every penny that you spend to a school of your choice; they will give you $20 toward your sixth visit to one of their restaurants; and you can also get new offers and more throughout the year.

It’s easy to join and as you can see from those rewards, it’s worth it as well. So, take a look at the page linked above, checkout the reward scheme and get yourself signed up.