Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza Logo

Round Table Pizza is a US pizza chain that was founded in 1959. Within a couple years the aesthetic of the chain changed and it adapted the Knights of the Round Table theme in restaurant design as well as in its name. The aesthetic of the modern Round Table Pizza has actually changed a lot over the years, with mascots, slogans and more coming and going.

Today, this is one of the largest pizza chains in the United States. It is not quite on par with chains like Pizza Hut and Dominos, but there are still more than 500 locations across the country. That will come as a surprise to many, as it means that Round Table Pizza is roughly on par with chains like Boston Market, and it is not too far off chains like Del Taco.

Of course, it helps that they are selling pizza, one of America’s favorite foods. But the unique setup of the restaurant, as well as the menu, the prices and everything else that makes up this restaurant, has also helped immensely.

The Round Table Pizza Story

The first Round Table Pizza location was established in Menlo Park, California, in 1959. Over the years it spread throughout the state of California and then added locations in several other states. However, things took a bad turn for the chain in the 21st century and in 2011 they filed for bankruptcy.

However, they came out of bankruptcy just a year later and they seem to be stronger for it today. Bankruptcy is actually an issue that many restaurant chains have gone through. This is an industry that is constantly changing, one where trends come and go, so it only makes sense. But because of the demand for fast food, and because of the established brand that has slowly developed over several decades, there will likely always be a place in the market for chains like Round Table Pizza.

Round Table Pizza on Secret Menus

There is no Round Table Pizza secret menu. The truth is, pizza chains like this just don’t lend themselves to secret menus. The bigger the chain is, the more likely they are to have a big secret menu, but when it comes to pizza chains, that just isn’t the case. Pizza Hut is one of the biggest chains in the world, for instance, but its secret menu is dwarfed by the likes of the Del Taco secret menu, even though Del Taco have just a fraction of the number of locations.

As you probably already know, we’re not all about secret menus on this site. There is much more to the work that we do and when it comes to Round Table Pizza we have a Round Table Pizza Menu Prices page and a Round Table Pizza Nutrition Info page. You can explore the calorie content, the fat content and the prices of each menu item, and we update both of these pages on a regular basis.