Shake Shack Secret Menu, Nutrition Info & Full Menu

Origin: 2001 – 2003 Hot Dog Cart, Madison Square Park, New Yorkshake-shack

Year Founded: 2004

Revenue Highlights from 1st Quarter 2016:

  • Total revenue increased 43.3% to $54.2 million
  • Shack sales increased 44.7% to $52.2 million

Employees: Approx. 1680 (2014)

Locations: Approx. 100 (2016)

According to Shake Shack:

“We Stand For Something Good® in everything we do. That means carefully sourced premium ingredients from like-minded purveyors we admire and love; thoughtful, well-crafted and responsible design for its place; and deep community support through donations, events and volunteering. Thanks for standing with us!” dogs-and-burgers

So Good and So Green, Working for Nature

So fresh and so green, green. Every Shack recycles all bottles and plastics, whether you sort or we do the sorting post-collection. It’s the most efficient way to make sure ZERO recyclable material ends up in landfills. Our cooking oil is also reused to produce clean energy and our kitchen food is composted where locally possible.

Prepared with a superb quality and taste that will make you go ‘YUMMM!’ every snack served at Shake Shack is sure to hit the tones when it comes to our food preferences. No wonder Shake Shack’s fans are always there to love them. Shake Shack is also popular for their perfectly grilled burgers made up of Angus beef and definitely satisfys your desire for meat and fills your tummies with happiness.

Shake ShackEvery food listed on their menu: fries, burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes, will paint a smile on your face as you leave – granting you a wonderful yummy experience every time you visit the Shack.

Each Shack is constructed thoughtfully and purposefully to fit its unique environment, using a creative design approach that creates places and experiences like nowhere else.

Think walls made of reclaimed antique barn wood siding, one-of-a-kind murals commissioned from local artists, living green walls and lighting installations inspired by local surroundings. All good in the wood!

Shake Shack – The Beginning

Shake Shack’s menu has fans going wild. Since starting out in Madison Square Park in New York as a hot dog cart with steady customers lined up for three summers. Shake Shack has taken over the country as one of the best places to get a hamburger, hot dog, some fries, and, of course, their amazing milkshakes.

Shake Shack’s burgers are made using 100% Angus beef grilled to perfection. Their wavy, crinkle fries are fresh cut, prepared inside every Shake Shack.Shake Shack

Since the original hot dog cart began in 2000, redevelopment efforts led Mr. Randy Garutti, Director of Operations, to open up a hot dog cart that would be able to sell snacks to the people visiting Madison Square Park.

As it turned out, the cart became extremely successful and was profitable enough to remain in operation for the next three years.

Then … In July 2004, an opportunity opened up for Danny Meyers to improve further his mini hot dog cart with a permanent kiosk opened in the park, and the first Shake Shack was born.

This modern day burger shop serves the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine and more. An instant neighborhood fixture, Shake Shack welcomed people from all over the city, country and world who gathered together to enjoy fresh, simple, high-quality versions of the classics in a majestic setting. The rest, as they say, is “burger history.”

The Shake Shack reaches its peak during the summer season, gaining an extra long line out the door, creating as much as an hour wait. Due to the wonderful reviews of the burgers and snacks found inside, customers are willing to wait as long as necessary. As of today, Shake Shack consists of about 100 locations across the Northeast and continues to grow and expand.

Popular Shake Shack Menu Items

Shake ShackShake Shack milkshakes are at the top of food reviews including their flavors of chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and trawberry as well as the unique Nutella-flavored milkshake. Many people in New York City rated the Shack’s Black-and-White Milkshake to be the best among others.

Nevertheless, whatever is on the top of the list for most people, the choice is still yours to pick what is the best milkshake in New York. However, I am telling you, you can only find it in Shake Shack.

Shake Shack is also known for their gourmet burgers. Their antibiotic-free Angus beef patties are covered with buns containing the right touch of butter. It is also topped with Shake Shack’s signature ShackSauce, a slightly spicy, sweet and sour blend of ketchup, mayo, mustard and spices.

The flavors found in their burgers are over-and-up the charts and will definitely make you come back for more. Those who are looking for better food quality can find it on the foods served at Shake Shack.

Shake Shack Secret Menu Items

There are the ShackBurger, bacon and patty burger with peanut sauce; the Shack Quad burger, four patties full of juice and flavor in every bite; and the Shack-Cago burger, a Chicago-inspired burger that you are able to create with your own menu selections. For a complete list of hidden items in the Shake Shack’s menu, you can check it directly in their Secret Menus page. End for every time of day and everyone in the house, there is something to eat … from breakfast to Shack Dog Biscuits.

Shake Shack Nutritional Information & Calories

Shake Shack serves delicious meals which are hard to resist, but for those of you maintaining a healthy body and a long life, watch out for the calories. Some of their burgers pack a lot of calories which could require intense workouts to burn off the system. If you want to check ahead of time about the nutritional facts of Shake Shack’s menu, you can directly visit their nutrition info site.

Shake Shack Prices

Shake Shack’s snacks are light on the pocket. With the guarantee of paying for something that is worth its value. You won’t be disappointed at what you will get. You can view more about the menu and prices on the Shake Shack’s menu prices site.Shake Shack

Shake Shack Locations and Hours

Shake Shack has about 100 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The company continues to expand internationally and throughout the country.

Most Shake Shack stores are open from 11AM to 11PM. But if you want to check the store hours of the Shake Shack near you, you can view their locations on the website. You will find that they have uniform operating hours and seldom change their schedule.

Shake Shack Jobs & Careers

If you are able to picture yourself exploring a world of burgers and shakes, then maybe you are the person who is fit for a job at Shake Shack. Shake Shack seeks to bring together people who are warm, fun, caring, and intelligent and who love to serve. The job openings of the Shack are available online and you can get an application form there if you are interested in becoming a “Shake Shacker.”

Not Only a Good Employer, but a Good Citizen

The Shack strives to be not only the best employer, but also incredible citizen of each neighborhood of their locations. Every Shack donates 5% of sales to a specific local charity partner, and their volunteer program encourages Shack teams to get involved in causes they feel passionate about — from animal welfare to education — in their communities.

Involved with many charity partners every May since 2012, the Shack teams up with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® working toward the end of childhood hunger in America. Shake Shack guests who donate $2 or more to this charity receive a card for a free shake — valued at $6 — for their next visit. 100% of donations benefit No Kid Hungry®. The Shack has now donated over a million dollars, thanks to its customers.

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