Shake Shack Careers and Franchise (Application, Pay, Hiring)

Shake Shack Careers

Shake Shack Careers

Shake Shack careers could be just what you need if you want a job in the fast food industry that is a little different to anything else out there. This is fast food, but not as you know it. Shake Shack is more upmarket than most budget chains. It has everything that they don’t, and while it’s also lacking a few benefits found elsewhere, it’s still a great opportunity for anyone looking for a new career.

Shake Shack Jobs

Shake Shack Jobs

So, what are the benefits of Shake Shack careers? Well, the pay is decent and there is plenty of room for promotion here. These chains always look to hire from within. This is true of the big chains as well as the small ones, if not more so.

They operate in a unique way, so they need people who understand that and can work around it. If you pickup an entry level job at Shake Shack and make yourself known, then there is a very good chance that you will be working as a supervisor or a manager before long.

How Much do Shake Shack Pay?

One of the things that has set Shake Shack careers apart from others in the same industry is that they always try to pay a little more. At the time of writing they are not quite at a living wage for the entry level jobs, but they are closer to it than many similar restaurants out there. They have raised their prices several times over the years in order to accommodate the rising costs of minimum wage, as well as their devotion to always paying more than this.

You can earn an average of $9.50 an hour for some of the basic jobs, including line cook and prep cook. This increases to around $15 an hour if you work as a shift manager, and more still if you get a job as a general manager. This is a great rate of pay when compared to the likes of Whataburger and McDonald’s and it is actually one of the best in the industry.

So, even though there is plenty of room for promotions and much higher paying jobs, you’ll still earn a very resectable amount at the basic level.

Shake Shack Hiring

One of the issues with Shake Shack careers is that there is not as much availability as there is elsewhere. The uniqueness of this brand and the upmarket reputation means they have a lower staff turnover rate than other fast food chains. There is also the fact that they have much fewer locations than chains like Burger King and Sonic.

As a result, you may need to focus on single locations. If those Shake Shack locations don’t have openings, then it may not be practical to search elsewhere. You typically have as many as a dozen locations to choose from with other fast food chains, but you’ll be lucky if you have more than 1 in close proximity with Shake Shack.

If you want to apply for a job at Shake Shack then checkout their official Shake Shack Careers page. One of the other benefits is that it is not a franchise, so if you are prepared to travel then you can gain exposure to a wide number of locations simply by leaving your details with the head office.

Shake Shack Headquarters

The Shake Shack headquarters is located in the city of New York. This is the city of its birth, as it was founded in Madison Square Garden. Its home in the Big Apple allowed it to attract a wealth of upmarket consumers and there are still some flagship restaurants here.

Shake Shack Franchise

Shake Shack Franchise

All Shake Shack locations are operated under licensed agreements, which means they do not offer franchising of any kind. This applies in the US and elsewhere and it doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. It will limit the growth potential of the brand and the total number of Shake Shack locations, but it seems to be working for them so they won’t mind a great deal.

They put a lot of effort into every single location, making these as much like upmarket independent restaurants as they can. It’s a model that you won’t find elsewhere, but one that they have mastered.