Shake Shack Locations (Houston, New Haven, Chicago, Worldwide)

Shake Shack Locations

Although Shake Shack feels like a huge brand, there are actually fewer than 150 Shake Shack locations. This number is still growing steadily though as the brand was only founded in the year 2004. So, while those Shake Shack locations may not look impressive right now, it could be a different story in years and decades to come. The future is bright for this chain and everyone wants a piece of it.

Shake Shack Locations

One of the things that has helped to promote all Shake Shack locations into the spotlight is the fact that they listed on the stock exchange a short time after their founding. This allowed investors across the world buy their own piece of the brand. And the fact that it had a very explosive IPO and has continued to do well since means it has been quick to make its way into the fast food spotlight.

To show you just how far this chain has come and how far it could go, take a look at the information contained on this Shake Shack Locations page. You should also take a look at our Shake Shack Menu Prices and Shake Shack Nutrition Info pages.

Shake Shack Houston

Shake Shack Houston

One of the Shake Shack Houston locations has become the place to be in the city. Located in The Galleria, Shake Shack Houston is a leading restaurant that has all of the locals talking. If you find yourself in the area, make sure you drop by. The menu is the same, but there is more of an upmarket feel to the restaurant itself.

Shake Shack Arizona

There are currently only a few Shake Shack locations in the state of Arizona. This is likely to change in the future though as they seem to be taking to this chain just like everywhere else. Currently you can find Shake Shack locations in both Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Shake Shack Orlando

With a relaxed atmosphere, tables indoors and out, and a great menu, Shack Shack Orlando is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. It’s how many international customers are introduced to this brand, and it’s also how many customers in northern states first get a taste of Shack Shack. Shack Shack Orlando can be found on 8359 International Drive, a prime location in one of the tourist capitals of the United States.

Shake Shack LA

There is a very popular Shake Shack location in West Hollywood. This is highly rated and is one of the places to be in Tinsel Town. You can find it on Santa Monica Boulevard, and you never know, if you pop by for a burger and some fries you might just bump into one of the Hollywood elite slumming it for the day.

Shake Shack Chicago

The Windy City feels like a perfect fit for Shake Shack locations and that’s why you will find several of them here. It’s also why the brand seems to be spreading in this area, getting bigger and bigger with each passing year.

Shake Shack New Haven

Located near Yale’s old campus, Shake Shack New Haven has a very classy, upmarket collegiate feel to it. This is a popular location with young, educated diners. It’s aesthetic is a perfect fit for those diners and for this location and it’s a growing location that regularly ranks as one of the best eateries in the county.

Shake Shack Las Vegas

It is no surprise to learn that the Shake Shack chain has done well in Las Vegas. It’s basic food done well and surrounded by a glitzy and glamorous aesthetic. It is Las Vegas through and through and no restaurant chain epitomizes this city as well as it does. Add a blackjack table and a few Elvis impersonators and it would be the restaurant equivalent of Las Vegas.

Shake Shack Miami

Shack Shack Miami is located in Miami Beach at 1111 Lincoln Road. This is a prime location in a sunshine city, a great place to enjoy a cold drink and a hot burger. It is open from 11am to 11pm from Sunday to Thursday, before opening at 11am and closing at midnight on Friday and Saturday. There are tables outside, with palm trees and umbrellas providing shade from the scorching Florida sunshine.

Shake Shack Times Square

Shack Shack Times Square is one of the proudest locations in the chain. This Theatre District restaurant is the epitome of upmarket burger chains, serving all of America’s favorites in one of their proudest cities.

Shack Shack Times Square is open 7 days a week, from 11am to Midnight. You can find it on the southwest corner of 8th Avenue & 44th Street. You can order all of the Shack Shack favorites, enjoying them with a glass of wine or beer.

Shake Shack Locations Worldwide

Shake Shack Near

Shake Shack is a US brand mainly, but there are Shake Shack locations in other countries as well. It has generally been as well received there as it has here. Some of these international locations include the Middle-East, as they have a strong presence in Kuwait, as well as UAE. You can also find them in Russia, Turkey, Japan and United Kingdom. As with their US locations they have focused on upmarket areas, including three in very high-value London locations; one in the Dubai Mall; a couple in Kuwait City; and one in an affluent area of Tokyo, Japan.

Shake Shack Near Me

This is not the biggest chain and it’s not a global one either. So, finding the nearest Shake Shack to you is no easy feat. However, if you live in California or Pennsylvania, then you might be just a few miles away from one. To check on this just visit the Shack Shack locations page on the official website and type your location in. It will pinpoint your nearest Shack Shack wherever you are in the country.