Shake Shack Menu Prices (Full Menu, How Much for Popular Items?)

While the Shake Shack menu offers a delectable variety of menu items for every time of day, and even for your dog, there are plenty of items that seek out certain taste buds and reviews.

For those who love their burger, whether made from the traditional Shake Shake Shack MenuShack 100% Angus beef or from vegetables, this is definitely a place with plenty of options.

If you look for a tasty dessert of any type after your meal, there is a broad selection of milkshakes, floats, ice cream, specialty desserts and more. There is no need to settle for the traditional ice cream cone or cup, but add on their specialty frozen custard for that special sweet item.

With draft root beer and other specialty drinks there is no need to snuggle up to the bar to have a delicious beverage alongside your sandwich, dog, fries and more.

Most Popular Items on the Shake Shack Menu

While the menu varies slightly at each individual location, there are definitely the five traditional famous Shake Shack burgers, including the ShackBurger, SmokeShack, ‘Shroom Burger, Hamburger (or Cheeseburger) and Shack Stack. There is the option to load up as many toppings as you like, as well as the specialty Shake Shack sauces including the ShackSauce.

If you are looking for chicken for your meal, there is both the Chicken Shack sandwich as well as the Chicken dog. The other Flat Top Dogs offer a unique flavor as well, if the burger is not your choice of the day.  Shake Shack Menu

Top off your meal with the famous Shake Shack fresh crinkle cut fries … topped with cheese if you are looking for that extra flavor and filling. There is more than enough for anyone looking for that filling lunch or dinner, or even for breakfast at certain locations if that perfect breakfast sandwich will start off your day perfectly.

And, if it’s been a long day at the office there is time for happy hour with a beer or glass of wine at the Shack to calm your nerves!

Shake Shack Menu Prices

Shake Shack Menu Prices - Burgers

Menu ItemPrice(USD)
ShackBurger - Single5.29
ShackBurger - Double8.09
SmokeShack - Single6.84
SmokeShack - Double9.64
Shroom Burger (Vegetarian)6.99
Shack Shack9.59
Hamburger - Single4.29
Hamburger - Double6.59
Add Bacon1.55

Shake Shack Menu Prices - Chicken, Flat-Top Dogs

Menu ItemPrice(USD)
Chick'n Shack6.29
Flat-Top Dogs
Shack-cago Dog4.25
Hot Dog3.25
Chicken Dog4.50

Shake Shack Menu Prices - Crinkle Cut Fries, Beer

Menu ItemPrice(USD)
Crinkle Cut Fries
Cheese Fries3.99
ShackMeister Ale Draught (16 oz.)5.69
ShackMeister Ale Draught (24 oz.)7.69

Shake Shack Menu Prices - Wine

Menu ItemPrice(USD)
Shack White - Glass (6 oz.)7.89
Shack Red - Glass (6 oz.)8.89
Shack White - Bottle (750 ml.)28.39
Shack Red - Bottle (750 ml.)31.99

Shake Shack Menu Prices - Frozen Custard

Menu ItemPrice(USD)
Frozen Custard
Shakes - Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Black & White, Strawberry, Peanut Butter or Coffee Fair Shake5.29
Make It Malted0.50
Add Whipped Cream0.50
Shake of The Week5.59
Floats - Root Beer, Purple Cow or Creamsicle5.29
Cup or Cone - Single Dip3.59
Cup or Cone - Double Dip4.59
Pint To Go5.99
Concretes - Single4.59
Concretes - Double6.79
Design Your Own Concrete - Single3.59
Design Your Own Concrete - Double4.79

Shake Shack Menu Prices - Drinks

Menu ItemPrice(USD)
Shack-Made Lemonade - Regular2.80
Shack-Made Lemonade - Large3.55
Organic Fresh Brewed Iced Tea - Regular2.30
Organic Fresh Brewed Iced Tea - Large2.80
Fifty/Fifty - Regular2.55
Fifty/Fifty - Large3.30
Fountain Soda -
Fountain Soda - Large2.80
Draught Root Beer -
Draught Root Beer -
Organic Apple Juice -
Regular (6.75 oz.)
Bottled Water -
Regular (710 ml.)
Stumptown Cold Brewed Coffee4.75

Shake Shack Menu Prices - Woof

Menu ItemPrice(USD)
Bag O' Bones5 Pc - 7.99

How Much is Shake Shack?

Shake Shack is an upmarket burger chain, which means the prices are a little more than you would pay at other burger chains. There is no dollar menu here and you can’t get a big burger for a couple dollars like you can at many budget chains. They are roughly in line with the likes of Hardee’s and Red Robin, if not a little more expensive.

This is partly down to the fact that they are all in upmarket locations, with high property prices, rent and utilities. Their devotion to paying more than minimum wage and to increasing this over the years means they are often increasing their prices in order to keep this going.

Still, in terms of value, you’re getting your money’s worth. If you compare them to a restaurant or an independent chain then they don’t look so expensive and that is, in essence, what they are. It’s only when you compare them to budget burger chains that sell lower quality food at rock bottom prices that they begin to look expensive.

Does Shake Shack Deliver?

Shake Shack do not offer delivery of any kind. They can’t deliver personal orders and they don’t offer any kind of catering either. You can pre-order and then pick-up though, if you want to get it quicker, and they might change to allow delivery in the future. You may also be able to get Shake Shack delivery via the use of third-party delivery providers like DoorDash.

Shake Shack Shroom Burger

The Shake Shack Shroom Burger is a tasty, meaty alternative to a beef burger. It’s something that has made the Shake Shack menu popular with people looking to cut down on meat, but you don’t need to trek all of the way to your local restaurant in order to find it. You can simply make the Shake Shack Shroom Burger in your own kitchen. There isn’t a great deal to it.

The trick is getting the Shake Shack sauce down to a tee, and this is much harder. The closest we can get is with a mixture of mayo, dijon mustard and ketchup, along with a pinch of cayenne pepper and a dash of pickling brine.

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