Shake Shack Nutritional Info

Shake Shack NutritionalCheck out Shake Shack nutritional info to serve your curiosity about the number of calories or carbs in your favorite burger, dog or dessert.

For decades they have served their origin state of New York and many other locations with filling meals of the most delicious nature. Even if you are a vegetarian looking for that tasty sandwich, there is the ‘Shroom Burger specially made by the Shake Shack for you.

Providing 100% natural Angus beef in their burgers, and the purest of dogs and sauces, there is any option at the Shake Shack to meet your tastes. Enjoy fresh lemonade or draft root beer when looking for something besides a soda to accompany that filling sandwich.

Then close out your meal with the sweetest, most delicious ice cream, frozen custard, shake or specialty Shake Shack dessert.

Shake Shack Nutritional

Dessert for Every Season

Different Shake Shack locations feature specialty seasonal sandwiches, dogs and desserts while there is even a wide variety of tasty toppings for your menu item.

Grab a “doggy” bag to take home to your beloved pet, even if you aren’t taking home an additional meal for yourself!


Shake Shack Nutritional Information

Shake Shack Burger and Sandwich Nutrition Info

Menu ItemTotal CaloriesSaturated FatTotal Carbs
Double Smoke Shack93027g27g
Double Shack Burger86025g27g
Shack Stack80021g40g
Double Cheeseburger76025g26g
Shackmeister Burger71017g36g
Double Hamburger62017g25g
Single Smoke Shack62016g26g
MSP ParkBurger61020g26g
Roadside Shack59015g42g
Single Shack Burger55014g27g
'Shroom Burger4909g39g
Single Cheeseburger46013g26g
Single Hamburger3909g25g
Chicken Shack6007g43g

Shake Shack Breakfast Sandwiches Nutrition Info

Menu ItemTotal CaloriesSaturated FatTotal Carbs
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich48012g28g
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich3708g26g
Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich3006g26g

Shake Shack 'Flat Top Dogs' Nutrition Info

Menu ItemTotal CaloriesSaturated FatTotal Carbs
Corn Dog3006g47g
Shack-Cago Dog38010g33g
Hot Dog3505g27g
Chicken Dog3204g32g
Kreuz Jalapeno and Cheddar Sausage Link2407g2g

Shake Shack Ice Cream, Floats and Shakes Nutrition Info

Menu ItemTotal CaloriesSaturated FatTotal Carbs
Peanut Butter Shake87052g81g
Caramelized Peach Shake 83025g107g
Black & White Shake76026g82g
Chocolate Shake74027g75g
Salted Caramel Shake73024g83g
Strawberry Shake66021g76g
Vitamin Creamsicle Shake66021g76g
Fair Shake65021g72g
Vanilla Shake64021g71g
Creamsicle Float51011g86g
Purple Cow Float51011g85g
Root Beer Float51011g86g
Double Chocolate Cone54019g58g
Double Chocolate Cup51019g53g
Double Vanilla Cone48015g56g

And take a look here … there is no reason to avoid the Shack. If it was good enough for the president, then it’s obviously great enough for you!

Shake Shack Nutritional

President Obama at Shake Shack


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