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Southern hospitality is famous nationwide and even worldwide. This is one of the friendliest regions in the world, one with a unique culture and, more importantly, a unique cuisine. It is that cuisine that forms a major part of that hospitality and it is that cuisine that forms a major part of the Slim Chickens chain. If you want a true taste of the south, then this is a great place to get it.

This is not southern food that you will find at KFC or Popeyes. It’s southern food like you would find in homes across the region; food that tastes like it has been cooked by everyone’s grandmother. That is the angle that Slim Chickens have always looked to exploit and it’s something they seem to have nailed to a tee. As a reason, Slim Chickens has legions of fans across the country, with a flock of hopeful franchisees willing to take this brand on and help it to grow.

The Slim Chickens Difference

Slim Chickens serves fresh chicken that is cooked to order. It is chicken cooked the southern way and served with a variety of southern dips and sauces, including cajun flavors aplenty. There are many similar chains to Slim Chickens out there, so there is no shortage of competition for the chains and there is no shortage of choice for the customer. However, this is still a great chain and one that stands up on its own.

As a result, Slim Chickens has steadily spread across the south and has also seeped into other states, offering the entire country a true taste of southern food.

Slim Chickens on Secret Menus

As things stand, we don’t have a Slim Chickens secret menu, because there just doesn’t seem to be one out there. For a secret menu to exist, the chain needs to put out hidden menu items and there need to be enough of them to generate interest. This is a popular chain, but it’s one that just hasn’t embraced the secret menu yet.

Hopefully, that will change. But right now, we’re keeping a look out to see if we can spot anything. If the Slim Chickens secret menu is announced at any point then you will hear about it on this site. We’re not going to let that one pass.

In the meantime you can take a look at our Slim Chickens Menu Prices page. This contains the traditional menu from Slim Chickens, including all dishes and all prices. This is up to date and we are constantly adding to it. This page also contains a wealth of other information on this chain, from coupons to catering, happy hours and more.

If you want to see how many calories are in your order then take a look at our Slim Chickens Nutrition Info page. Here we will also discuss vegan options, gluten-free options and more, while showing you fat, sodium and calorie content of all foods on this menu.