Starbucks Pink Drink (Ingredients & How to Order)

If you’re a Starbucks lover like Taylor Swift, then you’ve probably heard the explosion the “Pink Drink” has been having on the beverage scene from the Starbucks Secret Menu available on this website. People are absolutely taken with the beverage and we’ve decided to find out just exactly why.

1. It’s lighter than a Frappe and contains more fruit.

Those that have tried it don’t compare it to a frappe, but more so a Strawberry Acai Refreshers drink, which contains more caffeine and the extract for green coffee to complete the trifecta of perfection. Unlike other drinks containing strawberry acai, the Pink Drink is made with coconut milk instead of normal water. If you’re a fan of Starburst but hate getting them stuck in your teeth when chewing, this drink is pretty much the edible version.

2. It contains freeze-dried fruits

We mentioned that this drink is super fruity compared to others, and only the freshest make it into this drink. The Pink Drink contains both strawberries and blackberries, both being freeze-dried for extra freshness. If you’re looking for something that’s delicious, powerful, packs a punch and is ligStarbucksPinkDrinkSectionht in calories, drinks with freeze-dried fruits are your best bet.

3. A grande is LESS than 150 calories

You read that right; a grande size of this drink is less than 150 calories and is actually only 130. The 16 oz. drink contains 2.5 grams of fat, 65mg of sodium, 24g of sugar, 0.5g protein, 1g of fiber (awesome!), 26g of carbs with a final SmartPoints value of 7 (for those keeping track!) If you want something with a little less, a size tall from Starbucks is only 100 calories. If you want the largest size, a venti, it’s still only around 200 calories!

How to order:

1. Head to your nearest Starbucks and select the size drink you want.
2. Then, you want to order a Starberry Acai Refresher
3. Ask them to make it with coconut milk. Normally, Strawberry Acai Refreshers are made with water so they look like colored water. With the Pink Drink, it looks much creamier, but is still pretty light in movement.
4. That’s it!

There’s no ultra secret ingredient that the Starbucks baristas don’t have on hand, and they’ll probably already know to make the Pink Drink because of how much of a craze it’s been at the beginning of summer 2016.

There are many secret menu drinks hovering around the web for Starbucks, and we can’t help but feel that the barista who came up with this delicious sounding concoction was inspired by many of the already created secret menu items. If you like the taste of the Starbucks Pink Drink and wish to try something similar, but a little different for that true punch, you may want to try one of the many Starburst concoctions like that one raspberry lemonade drink or the pink Starburst secret menu item.

It’s truly become an Internet sensation since June has arrived. All hail that one Starbucks barista for helping this drink make it onto the forefront and not stuck in Secret Menu land, where you may get denied for the drink you’re trying to create.