Starbucks Secret Menu: Biscotti Frappuccino

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The biscotti Frappuccino is a combination of two drinks. For those who aren’t that into super textured drinks, this one may be perfect for you. Of course, you’ll want to ask the barista to extra blend this masterpiece.

starbucks-03You may be wondering how this textured piece of cookie can become your delicious drink. We’re about to let you in on the ultimate secret menu item.

What to order:

  • Buy a piece of biscotti
  • Ask the barista to blend it in with your Frappuccino
  • If they don’t allow at a certain location, but the biscotti separately and break it off into pieces yourself.

Do you want to know the greatest part of this drink? The possibilities are endless! You can mix this biscotti cookie with any drink you want. You can have the ultimate cookie dessert to wash your dinner down. It’s also great that there are many different types of biscotti cookie flavors.


Up to $5 for a biscotti + the cost of drink

Nutritional values:

For example, the vanilla almond biscotti is 110 calories per piece. Only 45 calories are from fat and it comes in at a total of 5g from fat. There is 75mg of sodium and 15g of carbs with 25mg cholesterol. There are 8g’s of sugar and 2g’s of protein.