Starbucks Secret Menu: Black Eye

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We’ve told you about the “Red Eye” speciality drink, but now we’ve got the scoop on the “Black Eye” specialty drink. This is the second tier of three that provides a simple drink with a caffeinated punch to the face.

If you want to sleep at work or school, then avoid this drink at all costs. If you’re looking to buzz through everything 5x quicker, then this drink is your soul mate.


What’s in it?

  • Regular drip coffee
  • 2 Espresso shots

This drink is pretty simple but blows your mind and body with a massive amount of energy.

How to order:

Instead of calling it “black eye”, simply order a regular coffee with the extra shots of espresso. Since this is a “secret” item, they won’t have this specific name on the menu.


  • Freshly brewed coffee (tall) – $1.75
  • Freshly brewed coffee (grande) – $2.10
  • Freshly brewed coffee (venti) – $2.35

A shot of espresso is typically around $0.55 a piece depending on the region.

Nutritional values:

For featured dark roast, the nutritional values are:

  • Tall (12 fl oz) – 5 calories with 260mg of caffeine
  • Grande (16 fl oz) – 5 calories with 330mg of caffeine
  • Venti (20 fl oz) – 5 calories with 415mg of caffeine

Monday mornings are suddenly not so bad! What are you waiting for? This drink is the quick fix to your weekend hangover.