Starbucks Secret Menu: Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccino

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This Captain Crunch Berry frappuccino is something that gives you an excuse to have a Starbucks drink first thing in the morning.

If you’re craving a berry flavored Captain Crunch, you’re going to want to continue reading.


While there are no Captain Crunch bits inside of this drink, the combination of flavors imitates the flavor of Captain Crunch and is quite delicious and will totally make you a morning person/breakfast indulger.

What’s in it?

  • Strawberry and Crème Frappuccino
  • 1 pump of caramel syrup
  • 1 pump of hazelnut syrup
  • 1 pump of toffee syrup
  • Java chips
  • Whipped cream (optional)

The price of this is normal by size, of course. The combination of syrups with the strawberry crème makes a perfection mixture that replicates Crunch Berries perfectly. If you don’t know what that tastes like but it sparks your imagination, thankfully, Captain Crunch still makes this flavor of cereal. Once you fall in love with that, make sure you head over to your local Starbucks and order this deliciousness.

What does it cost?

  • Strawberries and Crème (tall) – $3.95
  • Strawberries and Crème (grande) – $4.95
  • Strawberries and Crème (venti) – $4.95


That’s not too much for a breakfast drink that’ll fill you up all day and give you a fruity punch to awaken you for the day to come!

But how many calories is it?!


A blended venti will be around 300 calories per 24 fl. ounces. Unfortunately, the drink contains a lot of salt, but LOTS of vitamin C! With 260mg of sodium and 35% of the day’s vitamin C, 8% vitamin A and 20% calcium, it’s pretty excusable. But there are 68g of sugar and 70g of carbs from fat according to MyFitnessPal. These calorie amounts are without whipped cream.


Tips on ordering:


Make sure you don’t say, “Berry Captain Crunch” drink or something of the sort. When going into Starbuck’s make sure you let them know that you’re ordering a custom drink and state your base as the strawberry ancaptain-crunch-frappucinod crème Frappuccino. Following that, you’ll be able to tell them how many pumps of each syrup you want.


If you want to keep ordering this awesome secret menu drink, you can also purchase syrups from their online store, so when you order that awesome Frappuccino, you’ll be able to experiment with the amounts of syrup you like per size.


Fun tip:


If you want to really make it textured, try taking normal Captain Crunch and crushing it up to sprinkle inside of your drink. Since Starbucks doesn’t have the actual cereal and the texture of the drink normally, is pretty smooth, this could really top off your drink.

Too sweet? Try cutting back on the hazelnut pump and leaving only toffee and caramel with bits of Captain Crunch – totally delicious!