Starbucks Secret Menu: Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte

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We know it’s not fall yet, but here’s to hoping it comes quick, right?!

Starbucks’ secret menu is being graced with creative drinks for you to drool over this autumn season. The chocolate pumpkin latte is just one of the many drinks that will spice up your fall season.

51bcb68106d3479ea229f867450beb5aWhat’s in it?

  • Pumpkin spice latte (base drink)
  • 2 extra pumps of chocolate syrup
  • Chocolate drizzle on top

There’s not much to this drink, but the chocolate on top gives the famous pumpkin spice latte that extra punch. Grab your scarf and gloves and get ready to taste a delicious drink that’ll wake you up in the morning!

How to order:

Simply as for a custom order or a pump spice latte. Ask for the ingredients above to be mixed in. There you go! You have your very own chocolate pumpkin latte. This is perfect for the Halloween season when you’re craving chocolate but love the taste of pumpkin.

Since the names of these items aren’t on the official menu, you have to build up with the ingredients they have.
Nutritional values:

These values all use 2% milk and whipped cream. Without whipped cream, these values are significantly less.

  • Chocolate pumpkin spice latte (short, 8oz) – 210 calories, 120mg of sodium
  • Chocolate pumpkin spice latte (tall, 12oz) – 300 calories, 190mg of sodium
  • Chocolate pumpkin spice latte (tall, 16oz) – 380 calories, 240mg of sodium
  • Chocolate pumpkin spice latte (tall, 20oz) – 470 calories, 300mg of sodium

For every 5g of sugar from syrups/pumps (chocolate syrup, for example), it is another 20 calories. You can even order syrups from Starbucks’ online store, just in case you want to experiment with them at home!