Starbucks Secret Menu: Green Eye

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You’ve read about the “red eye”, the “black eye” and now we’ve got the “green eye”. No, these aren’t inspired by Power Rangers, they’re energy pumping drinks that will wake you up in an instant. The “green eye” however, will wake you up more than any other drink Starbucks has!


What’s in it?

  • Regular coffee
  • 3 espresso shots

Thought energy drinks were crazy? You need to try this one! Because of the caffeine, the most popular size is a grande, not a venti. You must order by ingredient.

How to order:

Simply ask for a normal coffee with 3 espresso shots. Because this is a “secret menu” name, it’s not on the official menu as the “green eye”.


  • Fresh brewed coffee (tall) – $1.75
  • Fresh brewed coffee (grande) – $1.95
  • Fresh brewed coffee (venti) – $2.25
  • Espresso (1 shot) – $0.55

Nutritional values:

  • Dark roast (tall, 12 fl oz) – 5 calories with 260mg of caffeine
  • Dark roast (grande, 16 fl oz) – 5 calories with 330mg of caffeine
  • Dark roast (venti, 20 fl oz) – 5 calories with 415mg of caffeine
  • Espresso shot (1 fl oz) – 3 calories

If you’re not into energy drinks but definitely want something to hype you up, this incredible Hulk drink will have you pepped up in no time. What are your favorite flavor blends with drinks like the “green eye”? Let us know below!