Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine

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Ever wanted to try liquid cocaine that isn’t actually a drug?

Well now, Starbucks offers something that will have you awake within seconds! This drink is energy filled and perfect for anyone who just can’t keep open their heavy lids open.

starbucks-liquid-cocaineIf you’re a mom on the go, this drink may or may not be something you want to look into!

What’s in it?

  • Venti sized coffee
  • 4 espresso shots
  • White chocolate syrup

Sounds a bit crazy, we know, but this coffee has 5x the amount of caffeine a normal cup of coffee has. Forewarning: not safe for the faint of heart.

The white chocolate is to drown out some of the powerful tastes within this drink, but you can typically order any syrup with it. For a list of their syrups, you can visit Starbucks’ website.


  • Venti sized freshly brewed coffee – $2.35
  • Espresso shot – $0.55 per shot

Nutritional values:

For a venti, it is 5 calories with 415mg of caffeine NORMALLY. The shots of espresso are extra caffeine. If this is not something your body can handle, this is not something you should drink. For better alternatives that are energy filled, try the green, red or black eye drinks.

Not much to this drink but a lot of caffeine for your day. Make sure to drink responsibly!