Starbucks Secret Menu: Oreo Cookies and Cream Frappuccino

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Cookies and cream is a great ice cream, but do you want something that’s like a milkshake but easier to drink? Then this secret menu item is just the thing for you.

7721315862_124a2523c6_zThe cookies and cream/Oreo Frappuccino gives you a diverse consistency and sweet taste that reminds you of the real thing. This double drink is a highly requested secret menu item at Starbucks. While there are many versions floating around the Internet, we thought we’d give you the most popular version that’s the best!

What’s in it?

  • Double chocolate chip Frappuccino (base drink)
  • White mocha sauce blend (replacing the regular mocha)
  • Topped with chocolate and/or whipped cream

The above custom drink is for ones who like more of a chocolate flavor than a cream flavor.

If you’re out for a creamy drink, then the below combination will be perfect for you.

  • Vanilla bean Frappuccino
  • Java chips blended
  • Topped with cookie crumbles or mocha syrup (perhaps both?)

Have you tried one or both? Tell us your thoughts on them!

DSC7308Nutritional facts:

The following nutritional values are per 9.5 fl. Oz. There are 190 calories her 9.5 fl. Oz and 105mg of sodium. There is 4g of total fat and 33g of carbs. There is no vitamin A and there is 25% calcium within this drink. There are also 32g of sugar and 6g of protein in the basic cookies and cream Frappuccino provided by Starbucks. For 5g of sugar/syrup added, it is 20 calories more. Nutritional values above are taken from MyFitnessPal.


If you’re loving this drink so much you want to experiment, you can buy the syrups and crèmes from Starbucks’ online store. Check out this awesome video below to see a version of the Starbucks drink you can mimic! Thanks to Noreen’s Kitchen on YouTube who LOVES the drink! She also gives you tips on sizing and prices for her area. The pricing (for all sizes) should start at $3.75-$4.95 for this drink, minimum.