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Whenever it’s not bonfire weather in your area, you can always rely on Starbucks to deliver you a drink inspired by the season. The S’mores Frappuccino is jam packed with chocolate, texture and yumminess!

Nothing can replace the perfection of traditional s’mores, but if the night is too cold, grab one of these and put on some horror movies!


What’s in it?

  • Java Chip Frappuccino
  • Pump of cinnamon dolce syrup
  • Pump of toffee nut syrup
  • Whipped cream blended in and on top

This sounds like a delicious bonfire dream, right? This drink has texture and packs a punch of flavor. If something has rained on your bonfire parade, you can surely count on this to deliver the s’more taste.

starbucks-smores-frappuccinHow to order:

Don’t waltz into a Starbucks thinking you’re the first one to ever order something of this caliber. You must dip your toes into the pool by asking for the base drink, the java chip Frappuccino. This serves as the base drink that –actually exists- on the menu. (The S’mores name is actually “secret” and you have to act like they know nothing about it by ordering individual ingredients). You then you want to follow with the rest of the ingredients. For pumps of syrups per size, experiment! Bigger drink? Add one more pump. Whipped cream blended in along with being on top makes it taste that much better.


  • Java chip Frappuccino (tall) – $3.75
  • Java chip Frappuccino (Grande) – $4.25
  • Java chip Frappuccino (venti) – $4.75

These prices are estimates due to region and any other ingredients added (more pumps of syrup, things blended into your drink, etc.)

Nutritional values:

According to Starbucks’ official website, “Coffee with rich mocha-flavored sauce blended with milk, chocolaty chips and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate-flavored drizzle” are included in the following values.

For the smallest size, a tall (12 fl oz), it is 340 calories and 120 calories from fat. There are 13g of total fat, 190mg of sodium and 47g of sugar. There are only 4g of protein within this drink and 75mg of caffeine within this drink.

For a grande, which is 16 fl oz, when whole milk and whipped cream is used, there are 470 calories per drink with 170 calories from fat. There are 18g of total fat and 50mg of cholesterol with 260mg of sodium. There are 66g of sugar and only 6g of protein. There are 110mg of caffeine within this drink.

For the largest size, a venti (24 gl oz), it is 600 calories with 190 calories from fat. There are 22g of total fat, 55mg of cholesterol and 360mg of sodium. There are 88g of sugar and 8g of protein. There is 145mg of caffeine within this drink as well. You better be prepared to be hyper during that horror movie we told you to put on in case of bad weather!

These values are significantly less without whipped cream and these values can be viewed on the official Starbucks website.