Starbucks Secret Menu: Super Cream Frappuccino

Starbucks > Secret Menu > Super Cream Frappuccino
You read that right – SUPER cream! In return, this means that it’s super delicious. If you’re a Frappuccino fiend, you’re going to love this one. This thick drink is rich in flavor and consistency.


What’s the secret?

There’s not much to this drink – you want to substitute heavy cream in place of the whole milk in ANY Frappuccino you want.

Yes, this drink revolves around what YOU want and not a specific recipe or theme. The most popular size for this substitution is a ‘grande’.

How to order:

Order your favorite Frappuccino and ask for heavy cream instead of whole milk – that’s it! There’s nothing special you need to do in order to grab this drink and it’s completely customizable!