Starbucks Secret Menu: Twix Frappuccino

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We love candy – (pfft, who doesn’t?). Now you can combine your love of Twix and Starbucks in one trip. Even better, why not dip Twix bars into your drink? Yum!

What’s in it?

  • Caramel Frappuccino (base drink)
  • 1-2 pumps of caramel syrup
  • 1-2 pumps of hazelnut syrup
  • Caramel and mocha drizzle on top
  • Java chips (for texture and taste)

There are a lot of ingredients, but that’s how rich this drink is. If you get it more than once, you can obviously customize how rich you want it to be, but this is the most popular way of making the scrumptious Twix drink.

c8acb337d79233c94cb5ee1befd05393How to order:

Simply ask for the base caramel Frappuccino drink and then add the corresponding syrup pumps, java chips and drizzle of caramel and mocha on top! You can add whipped cream at your own sugary discretion. The java chips add a wonderful texture to this creamy consistency drink.


  • Caramel Frappuccino (tall) – $3.95
  • Caramel Frappuccino (grande) – $4.45
  • Caramel Frappuccino (venti) – $4.95

Of course, these are base prices. For different ingredients and geographical regions, the price may go up.

Nutritional values:

These nutritional values are for the following: Caramel Frappuccino roast coffee blended with caramel syrup, whole milk, and ice, topped with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel sauce.

For a tall, 12 fl oz, it is 300 calories with 100 calories from fat. There are 11g of total fat with 45g of sugar and 47g of total carbs. There are 70mg of caffeine, 10% vitamin A, 10% calcium and 7g of saturated fat.

For a grande size, 16 fl oz, it is 410 calories and 140 from fat. There are 15g of total fat and 55mg of cholesterol within this drink. There are 100mg of caffeine, 15% vitamin A, 15% calcium and 64g of sugar.

For a venti iced, 24 fl oz, it is 510 calories with 150 from fat. There are 17g of total fat, 60mg of cholesterol and 84g of total carbs. There are 81g of sugar, 6g of protein, 130mg of caffeine, 15% vitamin A, and 20% calcium.

For every 5g of sugar pumped (from their syrup), it is another 20 calories. These values and more available on the official Starbucks website.

Here’s a video of a Starbucks lover explaining how to make your own – this could get creative since Starbucks sells syrups and more for your own drink experiments on their online store!

What’re you waiting for? Your Twix Frappuccino waits! Lets hope someone creates a Reese’s secret menu item soon!