Starbucks Secret Menu: Zebra Mocha Frappuccino

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Zebra print has been all the rage for years, but now you can take that love and put it into a drink.

The richness and chocolatey-ness of this drink will have you drooling for more. It’s truly a “creamy masterpiece”.

66de88dd045f9767e444371af565fe12What’s in it?

  • Frappuccino – half chocolate, half white chocolate
  • Chocolate drizzle
  • Chocolate chips
  • Whipped cream (optional)

Um, this sounds amazing. If you’re not a fan of chocolate, stay away from this dangerously delicious drink.

How to order:

Simply ask for the base Frappuccino of half chocolate and half white chocolate. You can specify how much chocolate drizzle you want and then ask for chocolate chips! Of course, whipped cream is always optional but fair warning: sugar rush!


  • White mocha chocolate Frappuccino (tall) – $3.65
  • White mocha chocolate Frappuccino (grande) – $4.25
  • White mocha chocolate Frappuccino (venti) – $4.65

Remember, these are base prices. Anything additional will cause a change in the price – but expect to pay at least the above!

Nutritional values:

  • Zebra mocha (16 fl oz – grande) – 560 calories
  • Zebra mocha (20 fl oz – venti) – 690 calories
  • For every 5g of syrup or drizzle, it is an extra 20 calories.

Make sure to grab this drink when you’re looking for fun in the sun! This reminds us of chocolate sundaes on a warm day.