Free Coffee

Starbucks is the biggest coffee chain in the world. The Starbucks logo is recognised the world over and you’ll have to go along way to find someone who hasn’t sipped a coffee, tea or hot chocolate in one of the many Starbucks chains.

The coffee is reasonably priced and the secret menu is extensive. But there are also a few tricks that could get you some free coffee, including the one described below. This trick starts with a rather surprising story.

The Story

The above video was taken in 2013 and it claims to be of the “Most Expensive Starbucks Drink”. Coming in at just under $50, this drink contained enough caffeine to kill an elephant, but that didn’t stop this plucky customer. The video also inspired another Starbucks customer, one who wanted to test the limits of this coffee chain and of his own body.

The customer wanted to create an even more expensive drink, and he wanted it for free. He wouldn’t be the first to try and beg a freebie from a big chain, but he actually succeeded, and it was all down to the Starbucks Loyalty Program.

Starbucks Free Coffee

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So, how did he do this?

Well, first things first, you need to join the Starbucks Loyalty Program. In this program it clearly states that for every 12 drinks you order, you get 1 free. The problem is, there is no definition of just what a “drink” is. As far as Starbucks and many of their customers are concerned, it constitutes a cup of coffee, a shot of espresso, a cup of tea or any of the other standard drinks on their menu.

But if it comes in a glass or a cup, it’s still a drink, and that’s where this trick comes into play. In the case of the aforementioned story, the customer took a vase to Starbucks and asked them to fill it. They kindly obliged, adding a total of 60 shots to the vase, which the customer drank over the course of a week.

Some customers have taken goldfish bowls and have asked for these to be filled, but the only limit is your imagination.

Of course, Starbucks don’t condone this, but as of yet, they haven’t done anythng to stop it either. The only thing stopping you is the server. If they decide that you’re trying it on, then they don’t have to serve you your vase/bowl full of coffee. If they’re up for a laugh and are happy to go along with it, then there’s no limit to what you can get.

It’s not just coffee either. You can fill any recepticle with anything that they have behind the counter, from smoothies, to tea and soft drinks.