Starbucks Sunset Menu Prices & Hours

Starbucks Sunset Menu has become incredibly popular. From granitas to trifles, the prices are reasonable. The special menu items are available after 3PM. Starbucks is the undeniable leader on the coffee shop scene.
With over 22,000 stores in over 60 countries, you can’t really deny them that.  Seriously, it seems like there is one on every other corner.  (And in some places, there actually might be.)

Now, they seem to have set their ambitions on a reign as Secret Menu champs as well.

You may have heard of the new “Pink Drink” that has surfaced all across the internet.  Although not apart of the official menu, this version of the Starbucks’ Strawberry Acai Refresher has already taken over Instagram.  Who knew coconut milk tasted better than water?

Starbucks Sunset Menu

Starbucks announced the release of the Sunset Menu on Monday, June 13th.

Of the five items on the menu, only two even have coffee in them!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s only 40%.  Oh well.  As usual, everything sounds too delicious for anyone to care.

Touché Starbucks, touché.
The Sunset Menu features granitas and trifles.

According to Wikipedia, a granita is a “semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water, and various flavorings.”  It comes from Italy and has a ton of different versions.  This is Starbuck’s interpretation.

The Sunset Menu also features their rendition of a trifle, actually two of them.  You’ve probably had a trifle before.  If not, one of these should probably be your first.  They are simple, but delicious.

Caramel Espresso Granita:

The only one of the Starbucks granitas to contain coffee, this one starts with lightly-sweetened shaved ice.  Then, it’s topped with an espresso shot and a splash of cream.  It’s finished off with caramel drizzle.

Teavana Youthberry White Tea Granita

Here’s another pretty pink drink.  Featuring Teavana’s Youthberry White Tea, the shaved ice in this one is lemonade flavored.   From there, your barista will blend in pineapple, acai, hibiscus, and Teavana’s signature flavor.

Strawberry Lemon Limeade Granita

Sweet, sour, and delicious.  The third Starbucks granita starts with a base of lemonade flavored shaved ice as well.  This one though, contains strawberry slices and a splash of housemade limeade.

Chocolate Brownie Trifle

Chocolate Brownie Trifle
The chocolate brown trifle starts with what you’d expect: a warm double chocolate brownie.  You might not think they needed the whipped cream and mocha drizzle—until you’ve had them all together.

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

The strawberry shortcake doesn’t contain any strawberries for shortcake, but you won’t be complaining.  Instead, you get Starbucks’ petite vanilla scones, whipped cream, and their strawberry drizzle.

Yet again, Starbucks delivers what the people want:

Delicious food and beverages to fill our bellies.  Fresh new ideas to keep us coming back.

Despite the fact that their brand is built on coffee, Starbucks does an incredible job keeping themselves relevant during the summer months.  This new Sunset Menu is just  continuation of that trend.

As summer wears on, keep in mind though that this is a limited-time-only menu and Starbucks hasn’t released an official end date.  Most of the time, that means you’ll see it disappear suddenly.

Obviously, it’s not just about the morning “cup of joe” for Starbucks anymore.  This new sensation doesn’t even have coffee in it at all.  The chain continues to develop an increasingly diverse beverages menu along with bistro-esque food offerings.

Their new, not-quite-happy-hour Starbucks Sunet Menu is yet another example of this.

However, several of these items might make it unto the Starbucks’ secret menu.  For the trifles especially, Starbucks uses ingredients it pretty much always has on hand.  As for the granitas, you probably need to get your fill while you still can.