Taco Bell Locations (Worldwide, US, Near Me, Ohio, LA, Texas and More)

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There are more than 7,000 Taco Bell locations around the world. The vast majority of these are in the United States, and most of those are owned by franchisees. This number is growing all of the time as more and more franchisees clamber to become part of what is the biggest Mexican food chain in the world and one of the biggest fast food chains period.

But where are the best Taco Bell locations, which cities have they done well in, and where are their international stores?

Taco Bell Locations

Taco Bell Locations

Taco Bell locations number over 7,000 and are constantly climbing. They have the might of Yum Brands! behind them. This corporation has helped Pizza Hut to become the biggest seller of pizza in the world and they also own KFC. With the might of these companies behind them, and with the wealth that they all generate, it’s easy to see why Taco Bell has grown so big so quickly and why it has a big future in front of it.

While Taco Bell locations are mainly found in the United States, there are over a dozen other countries that currently have Taco Bell locations, as well as several that previously had them and several more that will get them in the future. This list includes everywhere from Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, to Spain, South Korea, India, Iceland and Chile. In other words, Taco Bell is not just a big brand in the US, it is a brand that is also known throughout the world, whether through US cultural references or because it has a presence there.

Taco Bell Near Me

With so many Taco Bell locations, finding one nearby shouldn’t be a major issue. Just use the Taco Bell location finder on the main website to find out where the nearest location is.

Taco Bell Dayton, Ohio,

There seem to be Taco Bell locations every block in this city, making it one of the most densely packed in the state of Ohio. You can find them everywhere from the Airway Shopping Center to Swiss Village and Beavercreek. The majority of these are open until midnight at the least. Some close a couple hours earlier and some are open until 3am or 4am.

Taco Bell Puerto Rico

Taco Bell Worldwide

There are over a dozen Taco Bell locations in Puerto Rico. This are spread around the island and can be found in many pockets of dense population. It has been a popular chain here and has performed well over the years, even though the same can’t be said for nearby Mexico, where Taco Bell has struggled. When you think about it one way, it’s odd they didn’t succeed. Think about it another way though and they are trying to sell Mexican food to Mexicans in Mexico—not so odd.

Taco Bell Mansfield, Tx

There have been problems in this region for the Taco Bell brand. Some of their stores have struggled over recent years and haven’t had the best reviews of late. However, it still has a presence here and will likely continue to have one for the foreseeable future.

Taco Bell Garland, Tx

This Texas town has half a dozen Taco Bell locations. In many ways it is the epitome of what has made this brand successful. It is a town that doesn’t have the highest concentration of fast food chains or eager diners, but one where they have performed very well and continue to make a healthy profit.

Taco Bell Louisville, Ky

Louisville is hot on Taco Bell locations and these are clustered around the center of town, but you can also find them on the outer edges. There are Taco Bell locations open early and shut later, there are ones in shopping centers. It’s a full spectrum of Taco Bell in this Kentucky town.

Taco Bell NYC

Taco Bell NYC is how many international customers are introduced to this brand for the first time. The tourists that land in this great city often flock to chain like this in order to sample a taste of Americana, to visit a brand they have heard about on TV and in films.

There are Taco Bell locations in NYC tourist hotspots, but there are also many more spread throughout the city. You can find them in Flushing and in the Bronx, and you can also find them in Brooklyn. You’re never too far from a Taco Bell if you’re in the Big Apple.

Taco Bell Sacramento, Ca

Another big area in CA where Taco Bell has done well, Sacramento is the sort of town that Taco Bell would clone over and over if they could. It’s a town with a big population of Mexican food lovers, a town that respects Taco Bell, and a town where this chain will always have a home.

Taco Bell Lincoln, Ne

There are only a handful of Taco Bell locations in this city, but they have proved to be a big hit with the brand. This state hasn’t been hot on Taco Bell locations in the past and it’s also not easy to find many other popular fast food chains here. But the ones that do exist tend to do very well, and Lincoln is a great example of their success.

Taco Bell Wichita, Ks

This is the home of fast food, so it’s no surprise that you will find most popular fast food locations here. Taco Bell is just one of many found in a city that birthed fast food giants such as Pizza Hut and White Castle. If not for Wichita, Kansas, then the fast food map of the United States, and indeed the world, would look decidedly different.

Taco Bell Worldwide

There are Taco Bell locations around the world, including some countries that may surprise you. They can be found in India, they were formerly in Japan and Greece, and they are also currently in Iceland. Most major countries either have Taco Bell locations or have had them in the past. Sometimes this chain is an immediate success, sometimes it isn’t. The same can be said for many chains, especially ones that roll out such large numbers over such a short space of time.

The likes of Krispy Kreme and Shake Shack move slowly, take their time and ensure the success of each location in each country. The likes of McDonalds just roll out everywhere, knowing that while 100 might fail, 1000 more will succeed. Taco Bell are somewhere in the middle. They employ the tactics of McDonalds, but because they have yet to attain the same level of success and are not as big, their failures are more common and more obvious.