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It’s fair to say that Mexican food is big business in the United States. This is something that we have taken to more than any other cuisine. It is a cuisine that we treat as our own and it is something that we are proud to associate with. There are many big Mexican fast food and quick-service chains in the US, from nationwide ones like Chipotle and Taco Bell, to slightly more regionalized ones like Del Taco and El Pollo Loco.

Taco Bueno definitely fits into the second category. It is a smaller, regionalized chain, but one with the passion, the heart and the ambition of a much bigger chain.

There may be fewer than 200 chains that carry the Taco Bueno name, but they hire close to 4,000 employees and they feed millions of people every single month. The chain is headquartered in Texas, where Mexican food is almost as big as it is in Mexico, and there are also locations in several other states.

Here on Secret Menus we love this restaurant as much as you do. That’s why we have created our Taco Bueno Menu Prices page. Here you will find a complete list of all menu items with corresponding prices. This is monitored all of the time–it gives us an excuse to keep eating here and to keep checking the menu. So, f you’re a regular, if you want to plan a visit or if you want to learn more about Taco Bueno, then click onto this link.

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If you want to see what is in the food that you order you should also pay a visit to our Taco Bueno Nutrition Info page. As with the menu page above, this contains a table that has a full list of menu items. The difference here is that we focus more on the calories, the fat, the sodium and the carb content of those foods. We also talk about allergens and special diets.

There is no Taco Bueno secret menu, which is a shame. We are always looking out for some hidden menu items so that we can post these for you to see. But as of yet, nothing has come up. That might change though, so keep an eye on this page, checkout the menu and the nutrition, and don’t stray too far!