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The Taco John’s chain of Mexican restaurants was founded in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where it is currently at its biggest and its most popular. This restaurant has the feel of a small, localized chain, one that surely can’t compete with the fast-food and casual dining behemoths of this industry. But Taco John’s actually has over nearly 400 locations nationwide, which is not to be sniffed at.

Those numbers mean it is still dwarfed by the likes of Taco Bell and Chipotle. But Taco John’s has more locations than many other top chains and it’s not too far behind some Secret Menus favorites like Del Taco.

The Taco John’s History

This chain was founded back in 1969 by John Turner. The food entrepreneur had actually run an established taco stand prior to this, and when that took off he went into the restaurant business. The franchise rights were sold in the first year and that’s when the name changed from the initial “Taco House”, to the Taco John’s it is known by today.

Like many other big fast food chain, Taco John’s can be found in many major cities and it began to perform very well in these cities during the 1980s, after having very little presence there to begin with. Taco John’s is also one of the few fast food chains that serves the US Armed Forces, which it does through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

Today you can find Taco John’s locations in around 25 states, numbering nearly 400 in total. The majority of these can be found in its home state of Wyoming. In this state it is one of the largest and the most popular Mexican fast food restaurants. A lot of that is down to its reputation and the fact that it has established itself as a leading chain over the last few decades. But it also has something to do with the fact that Mexican food chains haven’t always had a big presence here, certainly not to the extent of states like Arizona, California and Texas.

Taco John’s on Secret Menus

We are working hard to find the Taco John’s secret menu. As of yet, we haven’t been able to discover anything worthwhile. Mexican restaurants are usually good when it comes to secret menus and the fact that this one is quite big should help matters. But there doesn’t see to be many hidden menu items out there, at least not yet. If that changes though, you will hear about it on this page.

To tide you over we have much more information on this chain, including the full menu. This can be found on our Taco John’s Menu Prices page, where we will also discuss coupons, promo codes and other essential info relating to this menu.

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