Tim Hortons Bagel Hacks (Menu Hacks for 2017)

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Bagel Hacks

More than 60% of Americans and Canadians enjoy a bagel on a regular basis, and a good 90% of those agree that fresh is best (and in our opinion, anyone who prefers stale bagels to fresh bagels should not be trusted). Of the people who consume bagels regularly, a good 75% eat them for breakfast, and no doubt many of them choose to eat at places like Tim Hortons.

We’ve already discussed the Tim Hortons secret menu, uncovering scores of hidden menu items, secret menu hacks and more. We also told you that there were plenty more bagel hacks to uncover, and we weren’t lying. So, without any further delay, let’s see how you can manipulate the Tim Hortons menu to find new bagel flavors, new toppings and more.

Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue Sauce Bagel

Used to enjoying barbecue sauce on your burger or steak? Try something a little different.

Tim Hortons customers are raving about a menu hack that involves putting some BBQ sauce and cream cheese on your bagel. This sounds a little disgusting, it’s true. But many of their regulars swear by it. This combination of sweet and smokey works brilliantly, and adds a whole new dimension to a sauce you previously only put on your meat and your fries.

There isn’t much to this hack. Just ask for a cream cheese bagel and then request a light drizzle of barbecue sauce. Don’t overdo it. They are not chicken wings and this is not Hooters. Too much sauce will render this a sweet, sticky, cold-mess. You will lose the creaminess and the delicateness of the cheese, and it won’t go very well with the bagel.

So, keep the sauce light, go heavy on the cream cheese and enjoy a different kind of bagel.


Veggie Bagel

A bagel loaded with cream cheese, vegetables and grated cheese.

If barbecue sauce doesn’t get your juices flowing, then maybe some vegetables will. You can request an assortment of veggies on top of your cream cheese, adding a little more bite and a little more goodness to your mid-morning meal.

Some of the additional toppings won’t cost you a thing (although there is a limit and you will pay beyond that) and you can request that they pile them high if you want. You can also request a little salt and pepper, which can help to bring out the flavor of the veggies and the bagel itself. Some of their regulars have created their own favorite recipes. To give you some ideas, here are some combinations that work very well:

  • Cream cheese; tomato slices, salt; pepper.
  • Cheddar cheese; tomato slices; salt; pepper; cucumber; lettuce.
  • Herb and garlic cream cheese; cucumber; salt.
  • Herb and garlic cream cheese; cucumbers; tomato slices; salt.

If you’re looking for some creations of your own, it’s worth noting that if you go heavy on the tomatoes and the cucumber, then you should also go heavy on the salt. It doesn’t just bring out the flavor, it changes it completely. Just be prepared to eat it quickly, because the salt will also draw out the moisture, and if you leave it too long, that moisture will soak into your bagel.

Peanut Butter Bagels

Peanut Butter Bagel

Get thick, creamy peanut butter spread on your bagel in place of cream cheese.

If you don’t like cream cheese, then your options are usually pretty limited when it comes to bagels.

You can order butter on your bagel, but it’s not quite the same. A bagel topping should be thick enough to leave teeth marks when you bite into it. And if you spread butter on that thickly, then it will be too sickly.

However, you may be surprised and delighted to learn that you can substitute your cream cheese for peanut butter. This is spread thickly, and it works beautifully with these soft, chewy, baked treats. You can also load up on extra vegetables just like you would with a cream cheese bagel. We wouldn’t recommend it though.

If you can get some chocolate on there, then that might be a treat worth trying. A little chocolate can really bring the peanut butter to life and can turn your bagel into a slightly healthier version of a Reese’s Pieces Donut, such as the one on the Krispy Kreme menu.