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Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of America’s favorite foods. This is something that most of us make at home, something that is a staple for many. You typically don’t find it in restaurants, but that’s essentially the bulk of the menu at Tom and Chee.

This chain has only been around for a few short years and it has only really started to grow in the last few years. However, Tom and Chee has a bright future ahead of it and there are many eager franchisees and investors looking to get involved.

The Tom and Chee Story

In 2013, Tom and Chee featured on the investment show Shark Tank. Back then they had just 3 locations and a total of 70 employees. They weren’t small and they had a lot of promise, but they weren’t quite where they wanted to be, which is why they appeared on the show.

In a matter of minutes, they got the investment that they sought and they also generated a lot of exposure for the chain. As a result, Tom and Chee grew exponentially in the years that followed, spreading across several regions and opening many more locations. In 2016, just three years after appearing on Shark Tank, they had a total of 35 stores, and in the years since then they have continued to expand.

The future is very bright for this chain, because the US just can’t get enough of grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s basic, home-food cooked well and from fresh. It’s the sort of thing that probably shouldn’t make big money, but at the same time, it’s the sort of thing we all want and are happy to pay good money for.

That’s why Tom and Chee has grown so quickly and it’s why they will likely continue growing for many years to come.

Tom and Chee on Secret Menus

There isn’t much to the Tom and Chee menu and there is no Tom and Chee secret menu. Still, we have covered this chain extensively on this site and you can find out what we have to say about them on our Tom and Chee Menu Prices page. Here we will discuss many of the basics, while also showing you a full list of Tom and Chee menu items, prices, coupons and much more.