Wendy’s Careers (Are they Hiring, How Much do They Pay, Application, Jobs)

Wendy's Careers

Wendy’s Careers

Wendy’s careers could be just what you need if you’re struggling to find work and a decent pay. This is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. There are thousands of locations that ensure there is always something available. It doesn’t matter what experience you have or what skills you have or don’t have. There is something for everyone with Wendy’s jobs, as we shall discover on this page.

We’ll look at payments, we’ll ask whether Wendy’s are hiring or not and we’ll also advice with regards to the Wendy’s application process. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the career options of this big chain.

Wendy’s Jobs

So, why would you even want to consider Wendy’s careers? Isn’t fast food the bottom of the service industry? Isn’t this the sector where no one wants to work; the industry where you only work if you have no skills, no hope and no self-respect? Well, there are many people out there who have this opinion and chains like Wendy’s have been the butt of many jokes as a result, but the truth is there is a lot of benefits to working here.

Firstly, the fast food industry is one of the few industries where you get a job based purely on your dedication and your enthusiasm, before working your way to a high-paying salary and a host of responsibilities. You don’t need qualifications and you don’t even need a lot of skills. You just need to be willing and able.

And once you start working hard at the entry level, then you can start being put forward for promotions. Chains like this always look to hire from within because they prefer people who know the chain. They don’t want supervisors who have no experience of working behind the counter or in the kitchen. They don’t want managers who are new to the brand. People in those positions need experience and the bosses know that.

As a result, Wendy’s careers, and many other fast food careers, are some of the only ones that allow you to get in at the ground level without any effort, and then get promoted to a high paying position on dedication and effort alone.

What Does Wendy’s Pay?

Wendy's Pay

How much can you expect to earn if you work at Wendy’s? Well, you won’t be surprised to learn that they pay around minimum wage for the basic, entry level jobs. If you are cleaning, serving and even cooking, then you will be earning less than $9 an hour at Wendy’s. That may not sound like a lot, but it is roughly in line with the average and it’s actually a little more than some other chains.

The further up the Wendy’s careers ladder you go, the more money you can expect to earn. A Shift Supervisor can earn a couple dollars more an hour, on average, while Shift Managers may be able to earn a little more. Assistant Manager positions also pay well. So, work hard at those minimum wage levels and you could be promoted to high-paying managerial roles before you know it.

Who Owns Wendy’s?

Wendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas, who remained at the helm until his death in 2002. Technically, Wendy’s is owned by The Wendy’s Company, a holding company that oversees all US locations, as well as Wendy’s International, which controls the global arm.

The holding company also owns a few other businesses, including a minor share in Arby’s, another classic American fast food chain. This company trade on the NASDAQ and is one of the biggest and richest fast food-based company on this exchange.

Does Wendy’s Drug Test?

We have asked many current and former employees of Wendy’s and it seems that there is a general consensus amongst all of them: Wendy’s do not drug test. However, there have been a couple exceptions just to make things awkward—there’s always one.

As a result, the only thing we can say with any degree of certainty is that Wendy’s do not drug test the majority of their employees on the majority of occasions. But there are some employees who—under certain circumstances—may be tested.

Wendy’s Corporate

To get in touch with Wendy’s Corporate, just text or call (888)-624-8140. You can also mail them at the following address:

  • The Wendy’s Company
  • One Dave Thomas Blvd.
  • Dublin
  • OHIO, 43017

Are Wendy’s Hiring?

Yes! They are always hiring. That’s the beauty of a chain this big. The fast food industry also has a high staff turnover rate, which stems from the low wages, the minimum skill level, and the fact that they hire a lot of students and people in a transitional period.

You may not always be able to find work at your nearest location. But if you ask around, leave your CV and state your intentions then you should be able to find work at a restaurant a little bit out of the way. The fact that many major towns and cities have several locations—sometimes over a dozen—means that you rarely even have to travel that far to make yourself available to work at one of several different locations.

Wendy’s Application

Wendy's Application

Once you’re ready to submit your application, then visit the Wendy’s careers section and see what’s available. Once you find an available job in a nearby location then click, submit and see what happens. It is as simple as that.

The only thing you need is a professional prepared CV and even then that’s not essential. These jobs focus on hiring people who are confident and dedicated. If you can prove that, along with your passion for Wendy’s, then you should be able to get a job at a basic level.