Wendy’s Locations (Worldwide, NY, Wendy’s Girl, Mom Logo Myth)

Wendy's Locations

There are more than 6,500 Wendy’s locations around the world, making this the third largest fast food burger franchise on the planet. It’s a name and a logo that everyone knows and respects; and it’s a taste that no one forgets. Wherever you are in the US you are never too far away from Wendy’s, and because of their rapid growth worldwide, the same can be said for many countries around the world.

But where are the most popular Wendy’s locations? What is unique in these restaurants, what have they done that has worked so well for them, and what does the future hold for Wendy’s locations around the world?

Wendy’s Locations

The very first Wendy’s location opened in 1969 and it began working its way into the public conscious immediately. Wendy’s commercials have been a mainstay on US TV for decades. Many of these featured the owner himself, Dave Thomas. In fact, before his death in 2002, Dave featured in more commercials than any other restaurant founder. He was as much a face of the Wendy’s chain as his daughter, the girl who still appears as the Wendy’s logo.

We have all the info you need on Wendy’s locations here on this page. Just make sure you check with our Wendy’s Careers page, our Wendy’s Menu Prices page and our Wendy’s Nutrition Info page as well.

Wendy’s Around the World

Wendy’s has struggled in some countries where you might expect to perform well. Such is the case with England. It opened back in 1980 as “Wendy” for trademark reasons and soon expanded to over a dozen locations. However, all of these were in London, which was experiencing a drastic rise in rent prices at the time.

This, combined with escalating property prices, meant it was difficult for Wendy’s to gain profit. They struggled to grow and to maintain and eventually they were sold off. It lasted for just 6 years and barely made a dent in the UK before it faded away.

The Wendy’s chain has also struggled to make it in Japan and Israel, but you can find it everywhere from Argentina and Brazil to New Zealand and Venezuela. It has also performed relatively well in countries like India, Indonesia, and the Cayman Islands, where you might not necessarily expect a brand like this to flourish.

Wendy’s Near Me

With over 6,500 Wendy’s locations around the world and a great number of them in the US, you’re never too far away from these famous burgers. To find out where the nearest Wendy’s is to you, just use the location finder on the official website.

As you can see, there is a list of all states that have Wendy’s locations, which is pretty much all states in the US and all provinces in Canada. Just click on your chosen state, find your town or city and then look for your nearest location.

Wendy’s Headquarters

Ohio has always been home for Wendy’s. This is where they founded their very first restaurant and where their first headquarters were based. They have changed over the years, but they have always remained in this state. Initially they were in Columbus, Ohio, but in 2006 they moved to Dublin, Ohio.

You can find their current location at 1 Dave Thomas Boulevard.

Wendy’s Las Vegas, Nv

There are Wendy’s locations across the state of Nevada. Whenever the desert breaks for civilization, you will find the beckoning light of a Wendy’s restaurant. It won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that one of the biggest cities for Wendy’s in Nevada is Las Vegas. The City of Sin is the perfect place and the perfect excuse to satisfy your fast food urges.

You can find it around the Las Vegas strip, as well as in the northern parts of the city.

Wendy’s New York

There is no shortage of Wendy’s locations in the city of New York, but the state also has a number of them. In fact, it seems like all major cities and towns in the state of NY have Wendy’s locations. If you’re in the Big Apple itself then drop by Queens for the ultimate Wendy’s experience in the city that never sleeps.

Who is the Wendy’s Girl?

Wendy's Girl

Wendy’s have relied heavily on popular marketing campaigns in order to push their brand. Their “Where’s the beef” campaign became well known throughout the country and over the world and it is still referenced to this day. One of the other popular marketing campaigns relied on the Wendy’s Girl.

The Wendy’s Girl has been a big feature of the chain for many decades. Initially, she was played by Melinda Lou “Wendy” Morse. Melinda was the fourth child of Dave Thomas, the man who founded the Wendy’s chain. Under her maiden name, Wendy Thomas, she has acted as a spokesperson for the brand, as well as the original child model.

In later years Morgan Smith-Goodwin played the Wendy’s Girl in online commercials and TV commercials. Known as “Red”, she is generally a red head with a passion for quality burgers.

Wendy’s Deals

Wendy's Headquarters

Like all good fast food chains, Wendy’s runs a number of deals throughout the year. These are created to coincide with holidays and special occasions. They can be regional or they can be rolled out across all Wendy’s locations. It’s hard to pinpoint these as they often come and go and they vary in nature.

However, if you drop by Wendy’s during one of the many food holidays then you’ll have a chance to take advantage of some of the best Wendy’s deals out there. These include discount food and free food during days like National Cheeseburger Day, National French Fries Day and more. Just click the link to visit our pages on these subjects and to find more Wendy’s deals and other deals yourself.

Wendy’s Logo: Mom

There is an urban legend that surrounds the Wendy’s logo. It says that they intentionally hid the word “Mom” in there to make this feel like more of a family chain, or for some other sinister reason. There is some truth to this as you can definitely see the word “Mom” formed by the collar of the Wendy’s girl. However, it’s not intentional. It’s just a happy coincidence that the designer either didn’t know about, or created with his own agenda.