Whataburger Careers (Jobs, Pays, Applications, Opportunities)

Whataburger Careers

Whataburger Careers

If you live in Texas and you’re looking for work in the fast food industry then there is a good chance that Whataburger careers have appeared on your radar. This is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the country and one that has also spread its reach across nearly a dozen other states.

In our Whataburger Locations article we looked at just where this restaurant appears; in our Whataburger Menu Prices article we took the perspective of a penny-pinching customer; in our Whataburger Secret Menu guide it was all about the things you couldn’t see; and in our Whataburger Nutrition Info guide the focus was on the things you could see. In this article we’re putting Whataburger careers in the spotlight and showing you how to get work at Whataburger, as well as the reasons why you would want to and the things that will be available to you if you do.

Whataburger Jobs

Whataburger careers could be a very lucrative thing for you to undertake. There are many positive reports coming out of this chain. Of course, there are also plenty of negative ones and we will get to those shortly. But the same could be said for any large company that employs tens of thousands of people at the same time.

One of the positives of working for Whataburger is half price food across the board. You’re free to tuck into anything on the menu. Not bad if you’re a fast food fan, but a little unappealing if you’re not big on burgers and fries. There are also plenty of extra hours to be had. Employees have told us that if you work hard and show this to the management then they are more likely to ask you to pull extra shifts, to work weekends, etc.,

Not all of the staff we have talked with have been happy about this. Many of them have gone there to work a few days and no more, only to feel like they have been roped into working extra shifts and extra days. Still, regardless of what they feel the situation is, if you’re not contracted to work those hours and those extra days then no amount of coercion should convince you to do so.

Whataburger careers also offer plenty of promotion potential. As we have discussed many times before here on Secret Menus, fast food chains always want to hire from within. They want supervisors that have worked as servers; managers that have worked as supervisors. Even at the upper limit, many managers and supervisor are being hired to work in the board room. This is rare, of course, but if you want to be a manager of a store, a group of stores or a franchise, then you need to get in on the ground floor.

You can also take inspiration from the CEO of the company that owns Cinnabon and Hooters. She used to work as a server for Hooters and eventually worked her way through the company until she was elected CEO in her thirties.

Problems with Whataburger Careers

There are a lot of complaints out there from Whataburger employees who have had a hard time with the company. The majority of these seem to stem from difficult managers, either because they are harassing them, making them work long hours or, in some cases, actually making fun of them. The nature of Google means that while these cases are rare, they do pop-up straight away when you do a search for Whataburger Careers.

This is not an indication that all Whataburger jobs are bad and that you should avoid them. After all, not all managers are like that and many people employed into such a role would never treat another human being in a derogatory way. It’s just a case of bad luck on part of the workers who have been handed a very difficult and maybe even sadistic manager.

These people exist. Any employee in any industry will tell you that. For some reason they seem to exist more in the managerial field than anywhere else, but only because they crave that power and get a little hotheaded when they have it. The good thing is that they are rare, the bad thing is that Whataburger seems to have granted them the power they need to behave like this should they choose.

Many companies also revolve around a lack of training, leaving employees stuck as to what they are supposed to do. If you experience such things yourself then just make sure you write to head office or communicate them in any way you can. In most cases head office has no idea that these things are going on and if you can get the reality of the situation across to them then you can help to make some changes.

You should also consider openly voicing your concerns on Twitter or Facebook. Write about any bad experience you have an an employee. Openly talk about your manager and the way they mistreat you and let everyone know that employees are not well rained, if that is indeed the case. Make sure you include the main social media accounts of Whataburger in these posts and make sure everyone sees it. Only then will they begin to think about a change.

Of course we’re not saying that these things definitely go on and we would still recommend that a career here is considered. We’re just basing this off a few things we have seen on job sites and have heard from employees. These should not be ignored, but they shouldn’t be considered to be all that this chain is.

How Much Does Whataburger Pay?

Whataburger Pay

On average Whataburger pay just a touch more than minimum wage. The average hourly wage for someone working as a casher at Whataburger is around $8.39 an hour, which is roughly in line with similar jobs at similar chains (although it’s a few dollars less than you would earn at CostCo, where they pay a living wage).

If you work as a cook then you can expect to earn a fraction more, while restaurant managers earn closer to $11 an hour. Higher managerial staff earn in excess of $45,000 a year and the wages for those who work on the accounts and other board room jobs are also higher.

Whataburger Payroll

As mentioned already, you can expect to earn anywhere from minimum wage to around $50,000 a year working at Whataburger. These are not the best wages around but they are roughly on par with what you will find in similar restaurants. You also get to work for an iconic Texas institution, to eat delicious hamburgers every day and to enjoy a number of other benefits. What more could you ask for?

Does Whataburger Drug Test?

As far as we know, Whataburger does not drug test. We have asked several employees about this and all of them told us that they have never experienced or seen drug testing. In fact, many told us that there is a need for drug testing in this company.

It’s probably down to money issues. The company doesn’t want to fork out the extra cash needed to commit to random drug tests. They also don’t want to have to risk losing employees, not when there is such a high staff turnover rate to begin with.

This might change in the future, but as of mid-late 2017, Whataburger does not drug test. Should we hear about a change then we will update this page.

Whataburger Application

Are you ready to make the next step and apply for one of the many Whataburger careers out there? Then simply visit the Whataburger careers website and send your application in. You can learn much more about Whataburger jobs on this page; you can learn how to “join the family”; and you can also discover what sort of jobs are available.

The fact that there are more than 800 locations across the south, along with their high turnover rate, means there is usually something available at any given time. If not, they will keep your application information for when there is. And don’t worry about that high turnover rate. It is normal for fast food chains as they always hire young and it’s rarely the sort of career that someone wants to remain in over the long haul, even though there are many benefits to doing so.

Whataburger University

One of the many benefits of Whataburger careers is access to the Whataburger University. Located on the Northeast Side of San Antonio, this is an education centre that can be accessed by Whataburger employees. It offers a wealth of “promotion and learning opportunities” as it’s where the Whataburger managers of the future are groomed.

You will learn much of what you need in the restaurant itself, but for the rest there is Whataburger University. Knowing that this place exist it’s hard to imagine why so many employees claim that there is little to no training for lower level employees. It is something they seem to have devoted more time and effort to than other chains out there, so you’d think that they would go the extra mile and offer a little more in-store training.

Still, as mentioned above this might just be something that that is based on rumor or something that only applies to a handful of Whataburger locations. So, don’t let this affect your decision regarding Whataburger careers as it certainly seems that they are making an effort to help and to educate.