Whataburger Locations (Texas, Utah, California, Seattle, Denver)

Whataburger Locations

How many Whataburger locations are there in the United States? Can you find this chain around the world and how many states is it in? These are the questions that have been put to us by keen Whataburger fans and they are the questions that we aim to answer in this Whataburger locations page.

There is a lot to get through, so get comfortable and get ready. If you have yet checked out the basics then you should also take a peek at our Whataburger Menu Prices page and our Whataburger Nutrition Info page. If you’ve already done that then consider or Whataburger Careers page to find out how you can get work here.

Be sure to read this Whataburger Locations page as well, of course!

Whataburger Locations

This may not be the biggest burger chain out there, but it is certainly up there. And when you consider how long it has been around, how much it is loved and how many fast food staples made their mark here, then it’s clear to see why Whataburger is so prominent in the public conscious and why it is so dominant in the south’s fast food industry.

There are more than 800 Whataburger locations across the Southern states. This chain can be found in most major southern towns and cities, but one you venture away from this region then those numbers begin to thin out a little.

That’s because this chain has limited itself to the south, for the most part at least. It has been going strong for over 65 years and it is a franchise operation, so it has had plenty of time and opportunity to expand north and to take its hamburgers worldwide. But world domination hasn’t been as much of a focus of Whataburger as it has been of chains like Subway and McDonalds.

It seems happy to remain as it is, which is a southern staple that is as much a part of the landscape as the scorching skies.

States with Whataburger

Whataburger Locations

There are currently only ten states that have Whataburger locations. Texas is the biggest of these. This is where the band was born, it is where you will find the most Whataburger locations and it is where they have made the biggest impact. There are also in the states of Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico.

Whataburger El Paso

There are over a dozen Whataburger locations in El Paso. This is a big hit with the locals and it is one of the biggest cities for the brand in what is their biggest state. All of these are open for 24 hours and a few of them are right on the border with Ciudad Juarez.

Whataburger Tulsa

This Oklahoma city has over half a dozen Whataburger locations. Again, these are all open for 24 hours a day and they are all centered in the middle of the city. In fact, only one is on the edge of the city

Whataburger San Antonio, Texas

This is the current home of Whataburger. It is where they currently have their headquarters and their corporate office. It is also where the brand is at its strongest, as they have a number of locations here. This is a big city, it’s big on fast food and food in general, and the Whataburger name is never too far away.

As mentioned on our Whataburger Careers page, this is where all of the action is and where you should focus your efforts if you want to get in good with the upper echelons of this top fast food chain.

Whataburger Midland Tx

There are four Whataburger locations in this small town. The numbers may not be high and the town may not be big, but the number of Whataburger locations per capita still makes this one of the biggest regions for the brand. One of the most visited of all Whataburger locations in this town is the one on East Interstate 20. It’s in a perfect location to capture passing trade, which is what this chain does so well.

Whataburger OKC

OKC has more Whataburger locations than any other Oklahoma town or city. It is saturated in this city and that’s the way that the locals like it, because this brand is huge in OKC. There are more than a dozen Whataburger locations here as of 2017 and it seems like that number has a greater chance of increasing than deceasing.

Whataburger California

This west-coast state has always been big on burger chains. It has its own localized burger chains like Hardee’s, In-n-Out-Burger and Carl’s Jr, all of which you can read about here on Secret Menus. It also has chains like Del Taco, which are big here but rare elsewhere. Whataburger is Texan through and through, make no mistake about it, but it can still be found here and it is still as much a part of the Californian landscape as the restaurants mentioned above.

You can find Whataburger locations in most major towns and cities in this state, including the City of Angels, Los Angles. There are also new ones cropping up all of the time and it looks like it will be a matter of time before The Golden State is just as big on Whataburger locations as Texas.

Whataburger Orlando

Being in a popular tourist city, Whataburger Orlando is one of the Whataburger locations that introduces many tourists from around the world to this chain. It is hugely popular and has stood strong even though most fast food chains and seemingly all major burger chains have a presence in this city.

Whataburger Lubbock

This is a big town for Whataburger locations. There are several different ones here. In fact, there are 8 Whataburger locations in Lubbock, making this one of the biggest regions for the restaurant chain.

Whataburger Corpus Christi

The very first Whataburger burger stand was launched in Ayers Street, Corpus Christi. As a result, this city is hugely important to the chain and has a close connection to their history. You will still find many Whataburger locations in Corpus Christi and you can also see some of the first ones. This is a great region to sample a little of Texas fast food history and to taste the original Whataburger menu created by Dobson in his Corpus Christi stand all those years ago.

Whataburger Laredo Tx

This border town has around ten Whataburger locations in total. You can’t go a couple blocks in this town without seeing the big W sign and the iconic V-shaped buildings.

Whataburger Tucson

This town is a big hit with Whataburger locations. It is one of the most popular towns in the state and there are half a dozen locations in total. This town may not be the biggest but they have definitely taken to this burger chain, maybe more so than any other.

Whataburger Near Me

With more than 800 Whataburger locations across the southern United States there is a good chance that there will be one near you if you live in this area. To find the nearest Whataburger just click onto the restaurant locator, which can be found on their main website. This will tell you how many restaurants are nearby based on your zip code.

This is also a good way of checking for new restaurants. There are many of these popping up all of the time and if you’re unlucky enough to live in a location where there is no Whataburger around for miles, then keep an eye out because it should just be a matter of time.

Whataburger Locations Worldwide

Although this brand is big in the United States it has yet to spread to the rest of the world. The world loves burgers and fast food just as much a America does, so that’s a surprise. But it’s not unique. After all, while the likes of Burger King and McDonalds can be found in dozens of countries around the world the likes of Sonic is more or less restricted to these shores.

The same goes for Whataburger. That might change in the near future as the borders have certainly been opened for big American fast food chains. But there is a good chance that they will expand north though the US and then into Canada and Mexico before they look to tackle Europe and the Middle-East, which have previously proved to be popular playgrounds for US fast food giants.