Zoe’s Kitchen

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Zoe’s Kitchen is one of the many successful US restaurant chains based in the cultural melting pot that is Texas. But unlike so many of those chains, this is not Mexican or Tex-Mex food. In fact, the Zoe’s Kitchen menu more closely resembles the food you will find on the Boston Market menu, as well as the Nando’s menu, in that it’s all about chicken.

The chicken in this case is cooked in a Mediterranean style, with flavors common in countries like Italy, Greece and Spain. This is where great produce rules and where a good life is only possible with great food. Zoe’s Kitchen is family friendly and it is accessible to most tastes. It’s a restaurant that we have covered extensively here on Secret Menus, and one that you can read much more about in our Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices page, as well as our Zoe’s Kitchen Nutrition Info page.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of a Zoe’s Kitchen secret menu, so we don’t have a page for that. But we’re keeping a close eye on things and if there are any hidden menu items appearing in the near future, then Secret Menus will tell you about it first.

Zoe’s Kitchen History and Growth

Although Zoe’s Kitchen has a large base in Texas and is also headquartered in the Lone Star State, the first Zoe’s Kitchen restaurant was actually founded in Alabama. These days there are Zoe’s Kitchen locations in over a dozen different states, with more being added to the list all of the time.

For a chain that was founded as recently as 1995, it’s quite impressive that here are over 170 Zoe’s Kitchen locations across the country. Of course, twenty plus years may not sound “recent” but it is in terms of casual dining chains and there has been a lot of growth for Zoe’s Kitchen in that time, with a lot more growth predicted for the future.

This may not be the biggest, it may not be the most popular and it may not be the fastest growing, but there is a lot of promise with this chain and it is one that is loved across many different states.