Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices (Full Menu, Breakfast, Delivery, Catering)

Zoe's Kitchen Menu and Prices

Looking for the Zoe’s Kitchen menu? Look no further. On this Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices page we will show you a full and updated list of menu prices from this top restaurant chain. These prices are all accurate; they are all taken from an official source; and we work hard to make sure they are constantly checked and updated.

You can find this list of Zoe’s Kitchen menu prices below. If you keep reading you will be able to learn more about this chain. It may be small, but it packs a very big menu and a lot of taste. That is why Zoe’s Kitchen has been so well received across so many states.

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices

Item NamePrice (USD)
Chicken Rollups8.09
Spinach Rollups7.79
Spinach Rollups with Chicken8.89
Steak Rollups9.29
Chicken Kabobs - Zoes Favorite!9.29
Steak Kabobs11.89
Salmon Kabobs11.89
Shrimp Kabobs10.39
Veggie Kabobs8.89
Kabob Combo Plate11.39
Greek Chicken Marinara9.39
Protein Power Plate8.39
Mediterranean Chicken9.39
Item NamePrice (USD)
Chicken & Orzo - Cup3.39
Chicken & Orzo - Bowl5.19
Chicken & Orzo -
Chicken & Orzo - Half Gallon21.59
Tomato Bisque - Cup3.39
Tomato Bisque - Bowl5.19
Tomato Bisque - Quart10.09
Tomato Bisque - Half Gallon21.59
Item NamePrice (USD)
Hummus & Salads
Hummus & Pita4.99
Basil Pesto Hummus & Pita5.49
Red Pepper Hummus & Pita5.49
Hummus Trio6.99
Hummus & Salad Plate7.29
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate8.89
Live Med Salad7.89
Baked Feta7.39
Greek Salad7.89
Tossed Greek9.19
Orzo "Tabouli" Salad7.89
Side Greek Salad3.79
Quinoa Salad7.29
Item NamePrice (USD)
Classic Sandwiches
Pimento Cheese Sandwich7.39
Chix Salad Sandwich7.49
Pick Two!7.29
Grilled Sandwiches
Gruben - Zoes Favorite!7.89
Turkey Stack7.89
Steak Stack8.29
Ham Piadina8.39
Spinach/Mushroom Piadina8.19
Item NamePrice (USD)
Pita Sandwiches
Greek Chicken Pita7.89
Lean Turkey Pita7.69
Mediterranean Tuna Pita7.79
Item NamePrice (USD)
Kids Quesadilla3.99
Grilled Chicken Fingers3.99
Grilled Turkey & Cheese3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich3.99
Kids Roll-up3.99
Kids Fruit Cup (No Side Included)1.49
Item NamePrice (USD)
Yaya's Hand-Made Chocolate Cake1 Pc - 2.59
Yaya's Hand-Made Chocolate Cake -
Chocolate Chip Cookie2.39
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie2.39
House-Baked Cookies2.39
Item NamePrice (USD)
Take Home Tubs
Chicken Salad - Half Pint4.99
Chicken Salad - Pint8.99
Hummus - Half Pint4.69
Hummus - Pint7.99
Red Pepper Hummus - Half Pint4.89
Red Pepper Hummus - Pint8.49
Basil Pesto Hummus -
Half Pint
Basil Pesto Hummus -
Pasta Salad - Half Pint3.99
Pasta Salad - Pint6.99
Pimento Cheese - Half Pint4.99
Pimento Cheese - Pint8.99
Potato Salad - Half Pint3.99
Potato Salad - Pint6.99
Slaw - Pint3.99
Slaw - Quart6.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit -
Seasonal Fresh Fruit -
White Beans - Pint3.99
White Beans - Quart6.99
Mediterranean Tuna -
Half Pint
Mediterranean Tuna -
Quinoa - Half Pint3.69
Quinoa - Pint6.99
Tabouli - Half Pint3.69
Tabouli - Pint6.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Pita Chips1.29
Item NamePrice (USD)
Roasted Vegetables2.29
Braised White Beans2.29
Marinated Slaw2.29
Pasta Salad2.29
Potato Salad2.29
Rice Pilaf2.29
Seasonal Fresh Fruit2.29
Chicken Salad3.89
Pimento Cheese3.89
White or Wheat Pita Wedges0.99
Basil & Pesto Hummus4.29
Red Pepper Hummus4.29
Hummus Taster2 oz - 1.65
Basil Hummus Taster2 oz - 1.75
Red Pepper Hummus Taster2 oz - 1.75
Item NamePrice (USD)
Sports Cup Refill1.09
Kids Milk or Chocolate Milk1.79
Kids Apple Juice1.79
Fountain Drink1.99
Sports Cup Limeade2.79
Vitamin or Smart Water2.49
Sweet or Unsweet Tea - Gallon6.99
Green Tea - Gallon7.99
Limeade - Gallon7.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Family Meals
Mediterranean Family Meal - Kabobs Small29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal - Kabobs Large39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal - Chicken Breasts Small29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal - Chicken Breasts - Large39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal - Marinara Chicken Small29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal - Marinara Chicken Large39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal - Rollup Dinner Small29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal - Rollup Dinner Large39.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Gluten Free Soups & Salads
Tomato Bisque - Cup3.39
Tomato Bisque - Bowl5.19
Tomato Bisque - Quart10.09
Hummus - Bowl4.99
Hummus & Salad Plate7.29
Greek Salad7.89
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate8.89
Side Greek Salad3.79
Item NamePrice (USD)
Gluten Free Entrees
Gluten Free Protein Power Plate8.39
Gluten Free Quinoa Salad7.29
Gluten Free Shrimp Kabobs10.39
Gluten Free Greek Chicken Marinara9.39
Gluten Free Mediterranean Chicken9.39
Item NamePrice (USD)
Gluten Free Sides
Seasonal Fresh Fruit2.29
Braised White Beans2.29
Potato Salad2.29
Marinated Slaw2.29
Roasted Vegetables2.29
Item NamePrice (USD)
Live Med Kids
Grilled Chicken Fingers3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich3.99
Ham & Cheese Piadina4.99
Pizza Piadina4.99
Pasta Bowl4.99
Salmon Kabob5.99
Shrimp Kabob5.99
Item NamePrice (USD)
Zoes Fresh Take
Classic Hummus7.99
Basil Pesto Hummus8.49
Red Pepper Hummus8.49
Pimento Cheese8.99
Fresh Fruit7.99
Chicken Salad8.99
Potato Salad6.99
Pasta Salad6.99
Marinated Slaw6.99
Mediterranean Tuna8.99

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Basics

This is a fast casual chain that is based in the Lone Star State. The very first restaurant was actually founded in Alabama, but it is in Texas where it has been best received. In total there are more than 170 Zoe’s Kitchen locations across the United States. Most of these can be found in the southern states.

The Zoe’s Kitchen menu is typically very healthy. It is filled with chicken dishes, including pastas and salads. There is no shortage of chicken restaurants in the United States. But many of them sell the deep-fried variety, including the likes of Popeyes, KFC and Chick-Fil-A. Zoe’s Kitchen is not really like any of those (although it does have some similarities to the Chick-Fil-A menu) and it is closer to chains like Boston Market, which was once known by the name Boston Chicken.

Typically, it’s very hard to find healthy options on fast food menus and quick service menus. But with so much fresh pasta and lean meat available on the Zoe’s Kitchen menu, it’s easy here. There are still plenty of unhealthy options of course (you can see these in our Zoe’s Kitchen Nutrition Info guide) but for the most part it’s nutritious.

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Favorites

The main flavors on the Zoe’s Kitchen menu are from the Mediterranean. These flavors are universally loved, they are healthy and they are also varied, using plenty of great produce, strong flavors, punchy herbs and unique spices. You will recognize many of the dishes on the Zoe’s Kitchen menu as they are similar to what you will find on the Olive Garden menu and at other Italian, Spanish and Greek restaurants. However, there are also sone unique dishes here as well, including a few you might not find at the aforementioned chains:

  • Pimento Cheese Sandwich: This is a very strongly flavored sandwich, making use of a cheese that you won’t find at many other restaurants. It is a flavor that you will see quite often in Italy, but one that isn’t very common in Italian and Med restaurants outside of that region.
  • Greek Chicken Pita: Greek food is fantastic. It is fresh, filled with chunks of delicious vegetables, sauces like tzatsikis and other Greek yoghurt creations, and loaded with oregano, lemon and olive oil. This is the ultimate Greek snack. It’s very similar to the popular takeout food that you can get all over Greece known as “Gyros”. There is something similar on the Pita Pit menu, but as delicious as these snacks are, they are a rare find.
  • Veggie Kebobs: It’s hard to find a tasty vegetarian kebob, but that’s exactly what this is. It’s very low in calories and there isn’t much to it, so don’t expect it to fill you up. But as an interesting side or snack, it’s perfect. You will get chunks of veg that are charred on the outside and soft on the inside. Great produce and great cooking is what the Zoe’s Kitchen menu is all about. Add a nice dipping sauce and you have the perfect vegetarian snack.

Zoe’s Kitchen Catering Menu

If you want to cater for an event then get Zoe’s Kitchen on your side. Nothing beats healthy Mediterranean food like this to please everyone from young partygoers to older businessmen and women. The Zoe’s Kitchen catering service is exemplary; you can order all of the things you can find on the normal Zoe’s Kitchen menu.

Just pay a visit to the Zoe’s Kitchen catering menu page to learn more. You will, of course, pay less than the traditional Zoe’s Kitchen menu when you order in bulk. But you’re still relying on their services for prep, cooking and even delivery. As a result you might not be able to save a huge amount.

Zoe’s Kitchen Prices

Generally, Zoe’s Kitchen prices are very reasonable and are actually cheaper than many similar restaurant chains out there. You will spend less for a meal at Zoe’s Kitchen than you would at Olive Garden for instance. The food, in our opinion, is very similar, both in terms of quality of ingredients and quality of preparation.

Zoe’s Kitchen is roughly on par with the likes of the Macaroni Grill. It’s probably a little more expensive overall. But Macaroni Grill is one of the cheapest chains out there serving this kind of food and while it is acceptable for the most part, it is not quite to the standard of Zoe’s Kitchen.

Zoe’s Kitchen Jobs

Like Olive Garden, there are often many Zoe’s Kitchen jobs available and it serves as a great starting point for youngsters looking to earn a few extra dollars or to get their foot on the hospitality ladder. The fact that there are more than 170 locations and the fact that many young people only spend a summer or two there means there is a high turnover rate, which in turn means there is usually something available.

The pay is decent and it seems to be a very good company to work for. What’s more, if you decide to stay on and are not just there for the short-term, then you could be rewarded for your loyalty. After all, with such a high turnover rate, they are always looking for people who will stay loyal to the brand. They want to hire managers and supervisors from within the company. So even if you get in at the bottom, if you stick around then you could find yourself in a very lucrative position just a few years down the line.