7 Mind Blowing Facts About McDonald’s

1. McDonald’s serves 1% of the ENTIRE world’s population. Sure, in perspective, there’s another 99%, but did you know that 1% equates to over 72 MILLION people. Yep, you read that right. 72 million delicious burgers and nuggets are fed … Continued

5 Weird Facts About Burger King

1. Insta-burger? Nope, it’s not an Instagram dedicated to burgers that was the original name for Burger King. When Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns, the Burger King founders, walked into a McDonalds, they saw potential and ripped the fast food … Continued

The 10 Most Bizarre Fast Food Items You Can Order

1. Hot Dog Pizza Crust At a Pizza Hut in Australia, they wanted to go beyond having stuffed crust pizza and actually added hot dog stuffed crust. Apparently it’s juicy, but these are just two foods that sound weird as … Continued

12 Things You Didn’t Know About McDonald’s