7 Mind Blowing Facts About McDonald’s

1. McDonald’s serves 1% of the ENTIRE world’s population.


Sure, in perspective, there’s another 99%, but did you know that 1% equates to over 72 MILLION people. Yep, you read that right. 72 million delicious burgers and nuggets are fed into the mouths of people all over the world, every day. That’s approximately 26 trillion orders every year. (I’m looking at you, drunk college kids post-club at 3am…)


2. Top Toy Company?

despicable me, mcdonalds, mcdonalds toys

Think Toys R Us is the top toy distributor? Think again. McDonald’s sells the most toys, with one included in each happy meal, that means 20% of their sales are with toys.


3. The Queen of England Digs Mickey D’s.

queen of england, mcdonalds, franchise owner

Even the Queen of England owns a McDonalds. She’s super into real estate, so she owns one near Buckingham Palace. Pinkies up for those happy meals!


4. More than 75 hamburgers every second

cheeseburger, hamburger, mcdonalds sales

To put that top fact into more perspective, it is reported that McDonalds sells more than 75 hamburgers per second. When this fact comes into play, who cares if that fictional hamburglar snatches up some hamburgers? McDonalds is rolling in the dough! (Just kidding).


5. $28.1 Billion in Annual Revenue


Yep, we’ve got a fact to claim that previous fact up! McDonalds rakes in dough, BIG TIME. It’s reported that they make $28 billion roughly, annually. That number makes them the 90th largest economy in the world. Mmm, cheap, fast and gross yet delicious burgers bought by us broke college kids, has created a corporate company.


6. 1 Million New Workers Yearly


On average, McDonalds hires roughly 1 million people each year. With all of these numbers, it sounds like EVERYONE is involved with McDonalds; the government, the kids, the people working there. McDonalds is a household name and that’s what gives them the big bucks. That means 1 in 8 Americans have worked at a McDonalds since it’s open.


7. It’s not delivery, it’s McDonalds!


You read that right. McDonald’s delivers through a service called McDelivery (predictable, eh?) in 18 countries including Europe, Malaysia and some parts of the United States.




Date Modified - 09/21/2018