Wendy’s Secret Menu

The Wendy’s secret menu is short and sweet – well, more savory, but it gets the job done. The two options on the secret menu, the Barnyard and the Grand Slam, are monstrous meat behemoths.



One focusing on diversifying meats and the other on molding a tall pile of beef, the burgers are enough to satisfy the hunger of even the most ravenous. Scroll down to get the details on these burgers on the Wendy’s secret menu!

The Wendy’s Secret Menu is not as comprehensive as most, but it boasts two innovations to the fast food experience that SecretMenus couldn’t ignore. Costs may vary based on location. 

The Barnyard

A close match to its name, this sandwich mashes a pile of meats from across the farm between a pair of soft Wendy’s buns. In a sort of protein-packed game of Jenga, employees stack bacon, beef, spicy chicken filet, and ham, all with cheese between each layer, for a diverse and delicious dining experience.

The combination of meats is preferable to some; to others, it’s too much. A little added spice from the filet in tandem with a beefy bacon burger and sweet ham truly covers the spectrum of flavors in the carnivore world. Order the Barnyard, and see if an employee recognizes it – they lack many other secrets than The Grand Slam – but if they don’t know what you’re getting at, tell them you want a burger with the above ingredients and they’ll make it happen, though for a hefty price (that may vary based on location). If you’re starving for some protein to tear into, though, it’ll be well worth the full stomach.

The Grand Slam

The simplified version of The Barnyard, this monster diverges from diversity and stacks four thick, all beef patties into one tall burger. Wendy’s “You Know When It’s Real” slogan holds true with their fresh patties, so four of them is enough to get your mouth watering and to fill up the most ravenous. If just burgers are a little boring to you, adding cheese and vegetables is certainly an option. Whatever your preference, however, come with an empty stomach.

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To get your hands on this monster, ask for a Grand Slam, but if they don’t know how to make it, just tell them it’s four beef patties in one burger. Again, price may vary based on location and it will be extra for the stacks of beef, but paying for a side won’t be necessary. Finish this burger and a food coma will blissfully incapacitate you shortly afterward.

International Bonus: Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger

This burger actually features a Japanese delicacy meal called foie gras.
If you want to know what that means in English, it’s a burger topped with goose liver and it comes at a costly price of $16.
This is a Japanese delicacy meal called foie gras. >> Japanese delicacy >>> Foie Gras. Enjoy if you get a chance!






Wendy’s Secret Menu Items

Speaking of Wendy’s menu, the Barnyard and the Grand Slam are two of Wendy’s secret menu items. Beef plus spicy chicken plus bacon; that’s how Barnyard is made of in all of its glory. Not all of Wendy’s hamburgers, or perhaps not all fast food chains, offer these kinds of meat in a bun. A lot of customers love this exciting and meat-filled burger, but some think it’s quite much of a deal. One thing is for sure though, this Barnyard burger is exclusive.

The Grand Slam is a simplified version of the Barnyard burger. It’s not a mediocre burger, thought. It’s a “grand slam”; four thick and mouth-watering beef patties all in one bun. That makes it a taller one. This monster burger will absolutely fill your stomach. You can choose to have some condiments if you find it still boring to eat. You can always ask the employees to help you with that.


Date Modified - 04/18/2024