Jack in the Box Secret Menu

The Jack in the Box secret menuis packed with rich, decadent modifications that mimic the flavorful options on the Jack in the Box Munchie Menu. These can be additions to current menu items or completely new options, both offering a needed spice to what’s already available. Add ciabatta bread to an already-delicious burger or try out the fabled Mint Oreo Cookie Shake. Got you interested? Don’t worry, the rest of the choices are just below.

A juicy Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger is just one of the items off of the Jack in the Box secret menu.

Entrees - Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

The concept of this meat filled masterpiece is so stunningly simple that you’ll wish you thought of it first. That’s right, mash beef, bacon, and bacon bits into one burger and you have your own Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger.

Not all Jack in the Boxes have bacon bits readily available, but just ask the server, and if they have them, it’s obviously an easy dish to create. In some locations, they’ll charge you a small fee, but I’ve heard of cases in which people got the additional bits for free!

Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger

This artisan-crafted creation of a burger was once a member on the regular menu, but after it was removed from regular public access, its legacy did not truly disappear. A strong fan base still remains, adamantly supporting the classic combination.

All the goodness of a savory bacon cheeseburger loaded between two tasty Ciabatta buns. It’s an easy optimization that will be done for you easily if you just ask. If the buns are at their disposal, gear up for a new way to eat a bacon burger.

Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich

The secret is getting a Grilled Breakfast Sandwich off the regular menu, and loading it with tons of delicious meats or even cheeses. The combinations are up to your choosing.

The base of the sandwich is filled with two fried eggs, two strips of bacon, two slices ham, and two slices of melted cheese. That alone is a greasy, filling, and delicious beast to consume.

For those who want more of a challenge and more diversity in your bites, however, you can order that with extra bacon, cheese, ham, turkey, sausage, or any other topping you may want! Just ask for an extra of whatever you may desire. Most of the time, if they have it, they will make any variation for you, so give it a try and make the most of your breakfast!

Extras & Treats - Extra Cheese

If you have the cheese, pay a little extra for more cheese slices on your burger. Essentially, you can get more cheese than you’d ever need on your burger, that is – if you’re willing to purchase the extra slices.

Just ask for some extra cheese slices and change the way you eat burgers.

Extra Patties

Cost: $1.00/pattie

Make any burger into a giant with the knowledge of extra patties at Jack in the Box. Essentially, for just a dollar per patty, you can stack as much beef as you want into a burger. At a certain point, they get a little too big for a normal human to eat, so try to order extras within reason.

At any rate, the ability to stack them as you please makes for a massive, filling burger at a fraction of the cost. Just ask for extras and they’ll load them up!

Sourdough Bread

Cost: $.29

My jaw dropped when I found out about this item. I have been an avid Sourdough Jack fan for years, but had no clue that the delicious buns on my favorite burger were available on anything I wanted.

The combinations span across the entire burger menu, and I plan on trying all of my favorite regular burgers with the sourdough bread. Just ask if they can swap out the buns for Sourdough and they’ll make it happen!

Mint Oreo Cookie Shake

My infatuation with the power of the secret menu at Jack in the Box only grew stronger after discovering this miracle. Oreo cookie shakes, my favorite dessert, and mint, my favorite ice cream flavor, in one creamy treat.

Just ask for an Oreo Cookie Shake swapped out with mint ice cream, and if they have it on hand, your wish will be granted. Best of luck!

Date Modified - 05/30/2024