In-n-Out® Burger Nutrition Info. & Calories

in n out nutritionIn-n-Out nutrition charts will help you identify which items to avoid, and which to indulge upon. Check out our tables of In-n-Out Burger nutrition info to judge how much fat, protein, sugar, sodium and more is in your meal. It’s important to note that a fast-food burger joint isn’t the prime choice for cutting calories, but the flavor makes up for it.

Either way, check to make sure you know what you’re putting into your body by browsing the facts behind every single In-n-Out item on the menu.

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In-n-Out Burger Nutrition Info

Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Cheeseburger, with Onion & Spread47927100.510
Double-Double Burger, with Onion & Spread6694118110
French Fries39518500
Protein Style Cheeseburger, with Onion & Spread33025907
Protein Style Double-Double Burger, with Onion & Spread520391707
Protein Style Hamburger, with Onion & Spread24017407
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Sugar (g)
Chocolate Shake5892919165
Iced Tea00000
Strawberry Shake5892718167
Vanilla Shake5793120157
Item NameCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Sugar (g)
French Fries39518500
Cheeseburger, with Onion & Spread47927100.510
Cheeseburger, with Onion Mustard & Ketchup, without spread4001890.510
Double-Double Burger, with Onion & Spread6694118110
Double-Double Burger, with Onion Mustard & Ketchup, without spread5893217110
Hamburger, with Onion & Spread390195010
Hamburger, with Onion Mustard & Ketchup, without spread310104010
Protein Style Cheeseburger, with Onion & Spread33025907
Protein Style Cheeseburger, with Onion & Spread520391717
Protein Style Hamburger, with Onion & Spread24017407
Before creating this page to share with you guys, I spent a lot of time looking for in n out’s nutrition info. My favorite item in n out burger french fries are actually healthier than I first was thinking of. It was very tough to put together an easy to consume list and I hope this was helpful for you all.

I am constantly trying to add calorie information, nutrition facts, and anything else I can find to make this more useful for future visitors.
Please feel free to share this page or comment with additional nutrition information that can be added to make this a more comprehensive, useful resource.

In-n-Out-Burger Calories

Burgers can vary in calories from one chain to the next and it’s hard to know what you’re consuming as a customer. Sometimes it’s obvious as it’s all about size, but other times it’s less than obvious. There are patties that have less fat; sauces that are low fat and sauces that are pure fat; and that’s before you even consider the cheese.

A White Castle burger has a tenth of the calories of a Hardee’s burger, for instance. In-n-Out-Burger calories are somewhere in the middle of those. They are a little more than you will find in chains like McDonalds, but they are less than gourmet burger chains like Smashburger and Red Robin. In fact, In-n-Out-Burger calories are along the same lines as Burger King. Similar fat, similar sugar and similar calories on the whole.

You can see these calories on our In-n-Out-Burger nutrition tables, which are listed throughout this In-n-Out-Burger Nutrition Info page.

In-n-Out-Burger French Fries

The In-and-Out-Burger French fries are fresh, hand-cut and prepared in nothing but vegetable oil. They are easily some of the best French fries you will get in any fast food location, so be sure to try them out for yourself. What’s more, because of the lack of hidden ingredients (such as the beef fat used by McDonalds) they should also be vegetarian and vegan friendly.

In-n-Out-Burger Animal Style

When you order something “Animal Style” at In-and-Out-Burger you basically make one hell of a tasty and cheesy mess. If you order a burger done Animal Style then they will add some extra spread, mustard and pickles. If you opt for the Animal Style fries then they will top them with cheese, spread and grilled onions.

We would recommend that you try this at least once, but make sure you’re not wearing your best outfit and that you have a handful of napkins on standby. It will get messy.

In-n-Out-Burger Veggie Burger

A couple of years ago more than 30,000 fans of this chain signed a petition to get them to add a veggie burger to the menu. The In-and-Out-Burger Veggie Burger is still nonexistent even after their efforts, but it could be a matter of time before such a burger is added. Of course, it could not, because it seems like just as many people argued against the inclusion of a In-and-Out-Burger Veggie Burger on this 50+ year old menu.


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