Year Founded: 1953

Revenue: US$ 1.92 B (2012)

Employees: 34,248

Locations: 13,000 outlets over 79 different countries

“Have it your way”—the Burger King’s motto. For most of us, we have known Burger King (BK for short) for their signature burger patties that are made up of 100% beef. Burger King made its way through our hearts for its fascinating way of exploring new flavors and experimenting with different combinations that aim to excite our palettes, therefore granting us a new eating experience every time we visit the restaurant. Today, BK is the 2nd largest fast food hamburger chain in the world and is still on the move of expanding to new heights.

Burger King is committed to serve high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food and has been doing so for almost 50 years.

BURGER KING – How it all began

Burger King started with the name Insta-Burger King that was originally founded by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns in 1953. Their first stores were centered on a piece of equipment known as the Insta-Broiler which was very effective at cooking burgers. The popular Insta-Broiler oven had proven to be so effective in cooking burgers that they have required all franchised outlets to have it. Since then, Burger King has been making a difference in the fast-food industry.

Turning Insta-Burger King into what it is known today was not an easy process. Since it opened in 1953, it went through five shifts of ownership. During 1954, it ran into some financial difficulties- leading to the purchase of its rights by two Miami-based franchisees, David Edgerton and James McLamore. The two were the ones who renamed it Burger King. Since then, the Burger King has been marking its way and making its name by means of serving tasty, delicious and very affordable burgers. In 1958, Burger King launched its first TV advertisements, leading to a huge increase in its revenue and has led to its further growth. Because many saw its capabilities to earn profits, Burger King underwent a lot of owners who passed on the rights for Burger King in exchange for a huge sum of money. Today, through the acquisition of the majority of its stake, the Burger King is owned by 3G Capital – a Brazilian Company. So far, Burger King is now one among the most successful fast-food chains in the world.

Popular Burger King Menu Items

Burger King’s menu enlists a large variety of hamburgers, French fries, chicken, milkshakes, desserts, soft drinks, salads and breakfast meals in affordable prices. Every item on its menu is jam-packed with flavor that will leave you craving for more. Also, Burger King gives its customer the freedom to add their own customizations to their food which makes it far greater.

Have you tried Burger King’s signature burger – the Whopper? It is made up of 100% beef that is cooked perfectly and is able to outmatch its competitors by providing a sharp edge by means of flavor and size, giving your taste buds satisfaction in every bite. They also have a variety of whoppers, like the Whooper® Sandwich with Cheese, Whooper JR. Sandwich with Cheese, Texas Whopper sandwich.

They have also different kinds of other burgers that are definitely worth giving a try. These burgers are also made up of 100% beef and are packed with a perfectly balanced taste that will make your tummy happy. For chicken, fish and veggie lovers, say no more. Burger Kings serves other food dishes like Chicken Nuggets, Tacos, Country Pork Sandwich and many more.

In a rush and can’t prepare your own breakfast? Just visit a near Burger King and they will serve you their best Breakfast menus. You can also try Burger King Garden Fresh Salads and Wraps. Burger King also serves different desserts that you will surely enjoy. They have their Dutch Apple Pie, Caramel Sundae, OREO Sundae, Soft Serve Cone and many more. Their smoothies and shakes come with different flavors that will surely fit your taste. For coffee lovers, their coffee is a must-try and is served hot or cold.

Burger King Secret Menu

BK has lots of hidden items in their menus that you can try and you’ll surely like. Do you want your French fries and onion rings served as one? Then you should try their Frings and you’ll have that two crunchy fries in a serving that will surely satisfy your crunchy needs. Isn’t that great? To order one, just ask for an order of half fries, half onion rings, in a single serving.

Another is the Burger King BLT. Beef patties with tomatoes lettuce on top and bacon strips. The affordable and mouthwatering Burger King Ham and Cheese would be great too if you are in short of budget as you can have it for only $1.99. It is made up of melted cheese between a sesame seed bun. If you want to give it a try, just ask and it will be given.
For those who seek adventure, the Suicide Burger is for you! A big, jaw-dropping burger with four layers of beef patties, four slice of cheese, bacon and special sauce between two sesame seed buns that is enough to fill your stomach can be availed for only $4.00. Try to ask for a Quad Stacker for you to have the Suicide Burger.

And good news for Veggie lovers out there, you can have Burger King’s Veggie Burger that you’ll surely like. Instead of using the traditional beef patty, Burger King uses a veggie patty for their Veggie Burger. You should also definitely try Burger King’s Rodeo Burger; it has tasty onion rings and sweet tangy barbecue sauce. The Mustard Whopper, as its name suggests, is a whopper with mustard instead of mayonnaise. But, it is also possible to have mustard along with mayo, all you have to do is ask. The entire Burger King secret menu has many more items to check out. You will not be disappointed in what you will find.

Burger King Nutrition

If eating is your hobby you should check first how much calories you get from eating, beef has a lot of calories and you may want to consider it before you eat. Check Burger King’s nutritional information menu to find out more about the calories of each burger, salad, and ice cream shakes.

Burger King Menu Prices

Burger King’s foods are able to return the value of what you paid for by granting you a satisfaction that is beyond words when eating.
Depending on the location, Burger King offers many different items at different menu prices.

Burger King Locations

Burger King currently has 13,000 outlets located throughout the world and is still growing. 66% of these stores are located throughout the United States. You can always check the location of a Burger King near you by checking in at their website.

Burger King Hours

BK allows their customers to have their order directly at their doors freshly prepared and delicious food but you can also have a visit at their outlets near you, some of which are open for 24-hours. You can go to the BK website for online orders, just enter your zip code to get started. Even though a Burger King happy hour does not exist yet, they do have flexible hours depending on the locations you can check.

What Time Does Burger King Open?

As mentioned above, some are open 24 hours. The ones that are not will typically open early to cater for the breakfast rush. In this case you can expect them to open at 6:00am or 7:00am. Many do not open until 10am though, in which case they probably do not severe breakfast.

What Time Does Burger King Close?

In most cases, whether the restaurants open at 6am or 10am, Burger King will close at 10pm or 11pm. That is, of course, unless they are open 24 hours.

Is Burger King Open on Christmas Day?

To see if Burger King is open on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and other key public holidays, check with our Restaurants Open on US Holidays page. In our experience they are open for most holidays, but you can confirm specific locations, years ad holidays on this page.

Burger Kings Jobs and Careers

There are lots of ways to work at Burger King Corporation. They are open for team members and general restaurant managers. They also accept campus graduate applicants for entry routes. They are also looking for experienced people for higher positions. For campus: Leadership Development Program, MBA Leadership Program, and Summer Internship.

For professional: Marketing, Operations, Franchising and Development, Finance, IT, Global Business Services, People, Management and Learning, and Community and Legal. In-restaurant: Team Member, Hourly Shift Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Restaurant General Manager, and Delivery Driver. For more info, you can visit their website.

Burger King has been letting Americans have it their way since 1953, providing quality burgers such as the famed Whopper along with a myriad of other fast food possibilities. Originally named Insta-Burger King, the company underwent a great deal of change – it went through five shifts in power, with the fourth and final new owner being 3g Capital, a Brazilian company that acquired a majority stake in Burger King in 2010 after a $3.26 billion deal.

Burger King has franchises active in 79 different countries across the world the majority of which are based in the United States, and common private ownership for its many international chains. The fast food giant’s signature sandwich, the Whopper, is the primary competitor to McDonald’s wildly popular Big Mac. Burger King’s establishment in the fast food industry is prominent, yet despite this, many do not know of the combinations available on the Burger King Secret Menu.

Does Burger King Have Wi-Fi?

There are some Burger King locations that offer basic Wi-Fi. Also, because many of them are located in big cities, you may also be able to tap into a fast and free 3G or 4G connection. However, that doesn’t apply to all locations.

Does Burger King Drug Test?

We are not sure why, but it seems that there are many drug users out there worried that they will get a job at a fast food chain and will then be tested for drugs every week. In a minimum wage job like this, it is highly unlikely. You will be given some basic training, you will be asked about your future and your hopes, and if they deem you suitable, then they will hire you.

You may be sacked if they discover that you are showing up to work drunk or high, and you will definitely be sacked if they discover you are drinking and using drugs at work. But Burger King does not drug test. Thankfully, we’re not yet living in a society where minimum wage jobs require you to go for tests every week and ensure sobriety at all times.