Secret Menus was founded with the mission of educating people on the new custom flavors they can experience at the restaurants they enjoy everyday. This is the original home of the secret menu. We have documented every menu hack, every trick and every secret dish from the biggest chains around the world.

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Whether you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite menu, a new trick to get extra food, a dish you didn’t know existed or some fast food deals, we can help.

About Secret Menus

Secret Menus is the home of the secret menu. This is where the trend began, and it’s where it’s at its biggest. There are more secret menus here than anywhere else. You’ll also find more individual secret menu items here.

Unlike like so many other content sites out there, we don’t just rip off other sites. Instead, our team of writers and researchers work closely with managers and servers at hundreds of restaurants across the United States, as well as in the Middle-East, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. As a result, we can find the items that no one else knows exists; we can uncover the best secrets, direct from the source; and we can ensure that we have this information before anyone else.

Tens of millions of fast food fanatics have used Secret Menus since its inception. Every single year over 10 million readers use our exhaustive information to enhance their fast food dining experience.

What We Cover

As well as the secret menus from which we take our name, you’ll also find a wealth of other fast food information on this website. Using the information listed on our homepage and the links in the header, you can browse all of the following:

  • Menu Prices & Nutrition Info: Both of these are updated regularly. All of this information is contained within a set of exclusive tables to make them more accessible.
  • Special Diets: If you’re gluten-free or meat-free and want to know whether your favorite fast food restaurants cater for you, we can help.
  • Food Holidays: There is a day for everything, and on this section you can learn about each food holiday and the deals offered.

This is a rapidly expanding site. We create more content than any of our competitors, with new guides, articles and more posted every single day. We also have more variety, with info you just won’t find anywhere else.

Getting In Touch

At Secret Menus we are happy to chat with our readers. So, if you have something to say–whether you’re curious about a certain chain or menu, or you have something you think we would be interested in–feel free to get in touch. You can find us on Facebook, and you can also contact us directly.

You can find contact information through the site, including in the sidebars to the right and left of each page.