Smashburger Secret Menu

The Smashburger secret menu is just as unique as the chain itself. This burger chain managed to establish itself as one of the fastest rising brands in just a few short years, despite entering what was a very saturated marketplace.

It did this by offering a unique product. A Smashburger is a burger unlike any other. The name comes from a literal “smash” during the cooking process. And when you add some of their unique seasoning to the mix, you’ll begin to understand just how and why they rose so quickly.

It’s not just about a unique cooking process either. What makes Smashburger so special, and what makes the Smashburger secret menu so prominent, is the fact that this brand is always trying new things. It wants to be different, it wants to stand out, and that shows. There are new and exiting burgers released all of the time. There are burgers for specific regions, specific holidays and more.

And as you will see, this uniqueness comes into its own on the Smashburger secret menu.

Smashburger Sin City Burger

Uniformity is one of the things that makes chains what they are. The likes of McDonalds and Burger Kingspend a lot of money on ensuring that if you order a burger in London, New York or Tokyo, you get something that tastes exactly the same.

There are regional differences on the McDonalds menu and other menus, but these are rare and they are there for a reason. For instance, they have removed beef burgers from Indian menus (because cows are scared to Hindus) and have replaced it with Paneer cheese burgers and more. But when there is not a cultural reason, they don’t bother.

Smashburger are different. In fact, not only do they have unique burgers for individual countries, but they have unique burgers for individual regions. If you hop from Smashburger to Smashburger, visiting locations in different cities and states, you’ll find a unique burger on each menu.

And some of these burgers can actually be ordered wherever you are. Some of them have proved so popular in a specific region that they have spread on social media and are now available if you specifically request them. One of the most popular of these is the Sin City Smashburger, which was originally created for their Las Vegas restaurants.

This burger comes with bacon and a fried egg perched on top of the patty. It is also loaded with American cheese, grilled onions and the famous Smash Sauce. This is a truly sinful treat, and one that all burger lovers should try.

Smashburger PB & J Shake

Peanut Butter and Jelly were just made to go together. The best thing since sliced bread also happens to taste great on sliced bread! But it’s also one of those flavors that works with anything. For instance, did you know there was a Peanut Butter and Jelly liquor? Seriously, look it up. You can thank us later. This super-sweet, super-fruity and super-nutty drink is like eating a PB & J sandwich that gets you drunk (also known as every college kid’s dream). It’s even better than the Cinnabon vodka we raved about and then got blind drunk on.

But there is an even better use of PB & J, and it comes in the form of a Smashburger Shake. If you ask for a PB & J Shake then you will get a Vanilla Shake that has been blended with Nutter Butter cookies and Strawberry Syrup. It may sound like a sickly-sweet nightmare. But trust us on this, it works, and it also goes great with a P B & J sandwich.

Smashburger Sweet Potato Smashfries

If you thought fries were the best thing ever, then you clearly haven’t tasted sweet potato fries. They are a little sweeter, but just as fatty, just as salty and just as crispy. In fact, sweet potato works as a better replacement for potato at every turn, from chips to fried potatoes. One taste and you will wonder why all fries aren’t made using sweet potato.

On Smashburger, you can get something even better. If you order their Sweet Potato Smashfries then you will get these dark, crispy, salty fries served with a dash of Smashfries seasoning. This spice contains an assortment of herbs and olive oil, all of which serves to bring out the flavor of the fries and to create a treat that goes perfectly with your favorite Smashburger.

Fido Style Smashburger

A lot of secret menus claim that you can get extra food for your dog. Some of them even claim that by asking for the right thing, you can get this food for free. For instance, there is a rumour going around about the Tim Hortons secret menu that says you can get free Timbits for your dog. Apparently, if you ask then you shall receive.

But we did ask, and we didn’t receive. We also asked our friends at Tim Hortons, and they said this was nonsense, which is why we didn’t include this “hack” on the relevant secret menu page. However, there are a few choice canine treats on the Smashburger secret menu.

The best of these comes in the form of the “Fide Style Smashburger”. This is not free like the aforementioned Tim Hortons hack, but unlike that hack, it does exist. And for $2, it’s as close to free as you will get on the Smashburger menu.

The Fido Style Smashburger will get you a clean, natural 100% beef patty without any sauce and without any of the seasoning added. It is cooked and served fresh just like all of their other burgers, but it doesn’t contain all of those extras that humans love. As a result, it makes for the perfect treat for your dog. So, the next time you drop by Smashburger, ask for a burger done “Fido Style” and you won’t feel as guilty when your dog smells burger on your breath and gives you a look of betrayal and disappointment.

Date Modified - 05/14/2024