Potbelly Secret Menu

The Potbelly secret menu may surprise you. It certainly surprised us. There is a simple rule of thumb when it comes to secret menus. It states that the bigger the chain is, the bigger their secret menu will be. It’s why the McDonalds secret menu, the KFC secret menu and the Starbucks secret menu are three of the biggest on this site.

That doesn’t bode well for Potbelly. Not when you consider that this chain is smaller than the likes of Subway and Jimmy John’s, and is also smaller than Firehouse SubsQuiznos and Jersey Mike’s Subs. However, despite all of that, the Potbelly secret menu is huge.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at all of the menu hacks below.

There more than a dozen Potbelly menu hacks in total, and more are being added all of the time. These Potbelly secret menu hacks mostly focus on a few extra sandwich fillings, but there are also some dessert treats.

And if you know of anything that we might have missed, feel free to get in touch. Like all secret menus on this site, the Potbelly secret menu is being updated all of the time and we’re always looking for new hacks to beef it up.

The Barnyard

This is a true meat-lover’s feast. If you can’t walk past a barn without eyeing up an errant horse or a caged hen and thinking to yourself, “That would taste great between two slices of bread”, then this sandwich is for you (and you’re never pet-sitting for us).

But there are no equines in this sandwich. Or chickens for that matter. Instead, this sandwich is essentially the famous Potbelly Wreck, but with a few extras. So, as well as roast beef, turkey, ham, salami and Swiss cheese, all of which make up the “Wreck”, you will also get some bacon and meatballs, as well as a mixture of mayo, lettuce and tomato.

That’s a lot to fit in one sandwich, and in many ways it’s not too dissimilar to the Gargantuan on the Jimmy John’s secret menu.

The Elvis

Elvis is famous for his music, his sexy dance moves, his film career and, for some reason, a fried sandwich. Because if you spend your life making great music and advancing the course of human culture, everyone will remember you as the guy who ate crap, chewed opiates like they were Oreos and died taking a crap.

We’re sorry for that image. We know this is a food site. But it’s true. And it’s a shame, in a hilariously ironic way.

But before we veer dangerously off course, we’re here to talk about sandwiches. And believe it or not, you can order something that resembles Elvis’s favorite sandwich on the Potbelly secret menu (minus the demerol, of course).

It comes with bacon, peanut butter and banana. You could also ask them to fry it for you so it closely resembles Elvis’s favorite snack. But that’s a slippery slope


The BLT is one of the world’s most popular sandwiches. The combination of cured meat, crispy lettuce and fresh tomato makes this one of the most complete sandwiches on any menu. But what if you’re watching your weight? What if you want the taste and the protein, but you don’t want that extra fat?

Well, that’s where the Toasted Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato, or the “TTLT” (okay, so we made that up) comes in. This is exactly as it sounds: it’s a BLT without the B. We know what you’re thinking, what is a BLT without the bacon? In fact, what is anything without bacon? But put the pitchforks down, because this one really does work.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake

If you want something to finish your meal with, then try this sumptuous treat from the Potbelly secret menu. In our Potbelly Nutrition Info page we discussed how there were quite a few options available if you have a nut-allergy. But if that’s the case, then you probably want to give this one a miss. This is nuttier than a family reunion on your mother’s side, and it’s also deliciously sweet.

They begin with a hearty scoop of vanilla ice cream. They top this with sweet, sticky chocolate syrup, smooth peanut butter and a handful of banana slices. It’s basically the Elvis sandwich, but without the bread or the bacon. Although, if you want to ask for a little extra bacon on top, we certainly won’t judge.

The Clubby

This one isn’t all that big or that different, but it’s still on the Potbelly secret menu and it’s definitely worth trying out. The Clubby is a beautiful combination of turkey, ham and bacon, with a little provolone cheese thrown in for good measure and a drizzle of ranch dressing to make it complete.

This is one of our favorite orders at Potbelly and we’re surprised it’s not on the standard menu.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The ice cream sandwich is one of America’s favorite sweet treats, a childhood favorite that we all remember fondly and one that we still sneakily enjoy when our kids are not watching (otherwise they’d only ask for one, and then there’d be less for us to enjoy).

You can order this treat off the Potbelly secret menu. After all, the ingredients are already there, and this secret menu hack, like all secret menu hacks, simply brings them together.

To get this treat for yourself, you just need to ask for the Ice Cream Sandwich, or for some vanilla ice cream between two of their cookies. And because there are several flavors of cookie, this Potbelly secret menu hack can be made in oatmeal flavor, chocolate brownie flavor or original flavor.

Cookie Collision

If you have ever tried a Krushem from the KFC menu, you will know just how good a few crumbled cookies taste in a milkshake. It’s not the sort of thing that should work on paper, but it does. It makes things a little sweeter, and it adds to the full-mouth feel. It’s like crushed ice, but instead of tasteless water crystals, it’s cookie!

If you know what we’re talking about and you’re a fan of this treat yourself, then you should try the Cookie Collision from the Potbelly secret menu. Like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake, this begins with some high quality vanilla ice cream. It moves onto crumbled Oreo cookies and shortbread cookies, both of which are crushed to fine crumbs and mixed in. And to finish, there are little cookies on top.

Date Modified - 06/14/2024