KFC® Menu Prices + Nutrition Facts & Coupons *UPDATED*

kfc-menu-pricesKentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) menu offers traditional fried and grilled chicken meals, buckets, and sides at reasonable prices for the whole family.

From deals on meals to nutrition in the salads, the restaurant has a particularly strong emphasis on rich flavor.
Cheesy, greasy bowls and entrees keep customers coming back for more decadence. The rest of the full menu and its prices are below, so make sure to give it a peek before your next trip to KFC.
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KFC Menu

CLASSIC MEALSAll Classic Meals come with choice of 2 sides and a biscuit.
Breast Meat (1 piece)$4.99
White Meat (2 pieces)$5.99
White Meat (3 pieces)$7.79
Dark Meat (2 pieces)$4.99
Dark Meat (3 pieces)$6.49
Dark Meat (4 pieces)$7.59
Original Recipe® Chicken- Whole Wing
Original Recipe® Chicken- Breast
Original Recipe® Chicken-Breast without skin or breading
Original Recipe® Chicken- Drumstick
Original Recipe® Chicken- Thigh
Extra Crispy ™ Boneless Piece (White Meat)
Extra Crispy ™ Boneless Piece (Dark Meat)
Extra Crispy ™ Chicken- Whole Wing
Extra Crispy ™ Chicken- Breast
Extra Crispy ™ Chicken- Drumstick
Extra Crispy ™ Chicken- Thigh
Spicy Crispy Chicken- Whole Wing
Spicy Crispy Chicken- Breast
Spicy Crispy Chicken- Drumstick
Spicy Crispy Chicken- Thigh
Kentucky Grilled Chicken®- Whole Wing
Kentucky Grilled Chicken®- Breast
Kentucky Grilled Chicken®- Drumstick
Kentucky Grilled Chicken®- Thigh
Extra Crispy ™ Tenders (3)
Extra Crispy ™ Tenders (2)
Extra Crispy ™ Tenders (1) - Kids
Bites & Hot Shots
Hot Shot Bites ™ (6)$3.49
Hot Shot Bites ™ (10)$4.49$5.99
Original Recipe® Bites (4) - Kids
Original Recipe® Bites (6)$3.49
Original Recipe® Bites (10)$4.49$5.99
Hot Wings ™ (5 piece)$3.99$5.79
Hot Wings ™ (10 piece)$7.49
Hot Wings ™ (20 piece)$13.49
Chicken Littles® (2)$5.00
Chicken Littles® (2) without Sauce$5.00
Crispy Twister®
Crispy Twister® without Sauce
Honey BBQ Sandwich
Colonel's Original Sandwich$4.99
Doublicious® Sandwich$5.89
Pot Pie, Bowls, Value Boxes & Go Cup
Chicken Pot Pie$5.89
KFC Famous Bowls®-Mashed Potato with Gravy$5.99
Snack-Size Bowl
Original Recipe® Bites Snack Box
Extra Crispy ™ Boneless Piece (White Meat) Go Cup
Extra Crispy ™ Boneless Piece (Dark Meat) Go Cup
Extra Crispy ™ Tenders Go Cup
Original Recipe® Bites Go Cup
Chicken Littles® Go Cup
Hot Wings ™ Go Cup
HBBQ Hot Wings ™ Go Cup
Fiery Buffalo Hot Wings ™ Go Cup
Hot Wings ™ Value Box
ItemRegular PriceLarge Price
Fiery Buffalo Hot Wings ™ Value Box
HBBQ Hot Wings ™ Value Box
Grilled Drumstick Value Box
OR Drumstick Value Box
EC Drumstick Value Box
Grilled Thigh Value Box
OR Thigh Value Box
EC Thigh Value Box
Salads and More
Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad without Dressing & Croutons
Caesar Side Salad without Dressing & Croutons
Crispy Chicken BLT Salad without Dressing
House Side Salad without Dressing
Soft Drink (Medium)$1.69
Soft Drink (Large)$1.89
Soft Drink (Mega Jug)$2.39
Tea (1/2 Gallon)$1.99
Green Beans$1.69$3.49
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy$1.69$3.49
Mashed Potatoes without Gravy$1.69$3.49
Macaroni and Cheese$1.69$3.49
Potato Wedges$1.69$3.49
Corn on the Cob (3" )$1.69$3.49
BBQ Baked Beans$1.69$3.49
Cole Slaw$1.69$3.49
2 Biscuits$1.29
Sweet Kernel Corn$1.69$3.49
KFC® Cornbread Muffin$1.69$3.49
GoGo squeeZ™ Applesauce
KFC® Gizzards
KFC® Livers
Country Fried Steak without Peppered White Gravy
Country Fried Steak with Peppered White Gravy
Apple Turnover (1)
Café Valley Bakery® Chocolate Chip Cake (6 slices per cake)
Café Valley Bakery® Lemon Cake (8 slices per cake)
Café Valley Bakery® Mini Chocolate Chip Cake
Café Valley Bakery® Mini Lemon Cake
Reese's® Peanut Butter Pie Slice
Oreo® Cookies and Crème Pie Slice
Sweet Life® Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Sweet Life® Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sweet Life® Sugar Cookie
Sweet Life® Double Fudge Cookie

Kentucky Fried Chicken Menu

KFC’s consistent quality fried chicken has kept customers coming in for decades. These customers’ favorites include Original Recipe Chicken — legs, wings, or breasts in delicious breading, which you can buy on its own or in bulk, in a family meal. Some others topping the charts include Popcorn Chicken — tender, crispy, poppable chicken bites — and the KFC Mashed Potato Bowl, which is a tantalizing array of rich flavors.


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